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Dec 2017
Kris Thomsen
Dec 21 2017 09:47
Hi! Can anyone explain to me, why BS4b2 is using rem units for almost everything - but modal is defined in px (in variables) - is it because it's not done, or is it a choice?
Dec 21 2017 14:22
Hi everybody, we are a group of a Frontend course, and we have worked for two days on a project. This consists of a simple login/register of users so that they can quickly implement it in their works, especially in their MVPs, using Firebase. It is in develop state, if you want to test it for give us feedback or use it in some way, we leave you here the links --> GitHub Pages: && GitHub: Please give us reviews, to improve the project.
Do you think our project is useful? Thank you in advance!!
Dec 21 2017 16:45
Hello - does anyone know if you need to install Ruby and gems if you are not building the bootstrap 4 documentation locally
or do you just need to use the npm scripts part
Dec 21 2017 16:52
@kristho91 interesting question... SInce it is still inside the body tag I think the rems would work but what if the body font size was a lot bigger or a lot smaller... it could make the modal really large... with pixels you can set a stricter width