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Feb 2018
Tammy Moore
Feb 02 2018 03:16
@firatkaya7 -I found the version 4 website’s documentation to be an excellent way to transition to version 4 - It was just in the last weekend or two that I have sat down and put full attention on updating my skills to 4. You will love cards. It replaces several version 3 components. Here is my personal notes page for cards - it is rough and I still plan on adding more, so don’t consider it polished, but it may help.
Rabin Shrestha
Feb 02 2018 05:14
@edutechtammy @sunnyday90210 can it be done with plain css?
Shiva Gaire
Feb 02 2018 05:49
any example on bootstrap collapsible tree table with modal popup in every row
Feb 02 2018 06:43
$total = ($amount + $amount1);
how I get solution for adding this
Feb 02 2018 06:58
$total=($amount1 + $amount2) this is my javascript code
where my $amount1 = 1 and $amount2 = 2
I get $total = 12.
so, How I get 3 for that.
Arun Gadag
Feb 02 2018 07:00
You are concatenating the string here
By placing $, I think you are converting the number value to a string
Hence it is giving you that answer
Feb 02 2018 07:02
how to converting that into number
Arun Gadag
Feb 02 2018 07:03
Are you using jQuery?
Feb 02 2018 07:03
Arun Gadag
Feb 02 2018 07:04
Can you show me your code?
Feb 02 2018 07:05
var $amount = slider == 1?val:$("#amount").val();
var $amount1 = slider == 2?val:$("#amount1").val();
$total = ($amount * $amount1);
Arun Gadag
Feb 02 2018 07:06
var amount = parseInt($amount);
var amount1 = parseInt($amount1);
var total = amount + amount1;
But may I know why are you using $amount?
Can't you just use amount?
Feb 02 2018 07:09
@jyapujuju This is the only thing I can think of with just css. But I think to get it exactly how you want it you need to use vanilla js or jquery
Feb 02 2018 07:11
@arun-awnics same output
instead of $amount I change amount but still i got same
Arun Gadag
Feb 02 2018 07:15
Where are you getting the values from?
Rabin Shrestha
Feb 02 2018 07:20
Thanks @sunnyday90210
Feb 02 2018 15:54
How do you configure
Agnel Nieves
Feb 02 2018 15:56

Hey guys!!! Just released an article on web dev! This is my first article! I'm looking for feedback! Would really appreciate it if you guys give me some feedback and share! Thanks!

Feb 02 2018 16:31
if it's on medium, then it's crap
Toni Shortsleeve
Feb 02 2018 17:51
@cisco87 Not if it's on freeCodeCamp's Medium. Our editors are awesome. @agnelnieves Congrats on finishing your BS in CS! A lot of great resources in your article. Have you submitted it to the fcc medium yet?
andrew pande
Feb 02 2018 17:58
Hi Guys!!!!
I have a question, is it possible to integrate reactstrap, django and django rest framework?
Rolando Escalona
Feb 02 2018 22:13
Hello guys, question, is it possible to make an only div carousel on bootstrap 4? no <img> at all.