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Apr 2018
Rustem Gareev
Apr 29 2018 05:10
.image {
  border-radius: 50%;
Rustem Gareev
Apr 29 2018 05:33
<img class="rounded-circle" src="my-image.jpg" alt="My image">
Nathan Tamez
Apr 29 2018 10:33
will this work to import bootstrap in a angular app
import 'jquery';
import 'popper.js';
import 'bootstrap';
Akram Salem Al-Aqili
Apr 29 2018 10:42
Im creating a team of developers .
Im looking for people to join so we work and learn together
Tom Huang
Apr 29 2018 11:34
Can you introduce your team?
Rupesh Krishna Jha
Apr 29 2018 11:37
hi @Akram-Alaqili can you tell something more about your team of developers?
its surely a good idea to start
Dhaval Vira
Apr 29 2018 11:42
@Akram-Alaqili I am ready to Join your Developers Team
Apr 29 2018 14:58
I am eager to learn and I want to join with your team