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Repo info
    i want to add their js codes to my own design
    i've tried a lot of ways but it still doesn't work :')

    Hi guys!

    I am working on a website and I need to create a few stuff, but that website is using bootstrap 2 and I have already created everything using bootstrap 4, is it possible to use both without breaking the other, like only use bootstrap for a div and not for the whole website???
    I just want to finish this task… Sorry for this question

    Alexander Tarkhov
    New release of PostBoot 1.0.0-rc4 is here - must have Bootstrap based library, list of new features here https://github.com/tarkhov/postboot/releases/tag/v1.0.0-rc4 don't forget star the repo if you like.
    Hello World
    vancha112 he
    Hi there
    Hello, does someone know to isolate bootstrap?
    what do you mean?
    namespace it?
    You can just use scss and import the main file inside a class of your choosing then rebuild the project.
    hi, I need a script/worpress plugin for showing my themes with responsive screens.to more explain, I talk about a responsive bar like on themeforest demo screen.customers click mobile button then theme starts to work for mobile screen.if you know something about it, please contact me.
    Hi @all
    how to learn python from scratch ?
    I wanna know and start to learn python, while I have given up for some times^
    who can help me ?
    Tom Simnett
    @KongsenYoung you probably want to ask in the Python channel
    What happened to FreeCodeCamps chatroom? there used to be a room for asking questions related to the lessons
    can someone help me with Gsoc 2020 selection process and guide me about it?
    i am new to open source.
    hi all, can anyone tell me how to target every ::before and ::after so i do NOT target them. was trying something like :not()::before but that does not work (fairly new to :not() )
    Shouldn't need to @dkeulen
    * does not target psuedo before and after
    If you have an example of what you are trying to do or not do it might be more useful
    Search and create your code snippets on https://devsheet.com/
    Hi can someone help me because my email modal is not showing
    thank you
    Alexandr Rešetňak
    Hi. Post the modal here.
    Marvel B'ringa
    Question about SCSS, if you have $class: foo. With foo : bar !default. Then you go and define foo before loading the files. Does $class get the default value or the new one?
    Specifically, I'm wondering why setting $font-weight-bold: 600; doesn't lead to $badge-font-weight to be set to the same value.
    @NewDimension yes it will override the derived variable
    @sliceofbytes huh, it didn't with this setup https://dpaste.de/ETLe
    You have to set your variables before the import
    @sliceofbytes ah. I see the issue now. The ones with $dark belong after variables. But the numbers ones belong before
    Thank you
    @import '~bootstrap/scss/functions';
    @import '~bootstrap/scss/variables';
    Harimau melaya
    Dhaval Vira
    Nazar Broslavskyi
    Felipe Catão do Nascimento
    Please, who can follow me in GitHub? I write one project in Python one new framework, and this project and my profile need plus one follow, for I can participate one conpetition, who could help , I thanks : https://github.com/FelipeKatao
    Hizqeel Javed
    What the Fuck
    Vini Brasil

    Hey! I've started a curated list of blogs, websites, and all kinds of reads about software development. If you could take a look, or even, contribute by adding blogs about front-end and/or Bootstrap , it'd be nice!



    I'm having problems with sizing my bootstrap image here. Here's the html (index.ejs):

        <% include /home/user/nodejs/q-a-to-christianity/admin/views/partials/nav.ejs %>
        <div class="jumbotron jumbotron-fluid text-center mdb-color darken-4 white-text">
          <div class="container-fluid">
            <img class="img-fluid" src="images/banner.png" width="1000" height="20px">
            <p>Enlighting the world for Christ</p>

    The problem I'm facing is that the height doesn't change at all, no matter how small or big I make it. The strange thing is, it changes in the DOM, yet it's different in the box model:

    Screenshot from 2019-09-24 12-15-21.png

    I finally resolved to removing the dimensions from the html and trying to size it in the sass, some my attempts were:

    center > .img-fluid {
      background-image: image("admin/public/images/banner.png");
      width: auto;
      height: 20%;
    #banner {
      background-image: image("admin/public/images/banner.png");
      width: auto;
      height: 20%;

    Whenever I do something like this, the size goes away and the image is to back to its original size again. here's the pen with the complete code (sorry, couldn't add the necessary files for bootstrap because I'm not allowed more than 7 files):

    Does anyone know how to fix this?