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Repo info
    where can I download cracked PC Games for free?
    Brayan J55
    Helpful hints for anyone learning HTML and CSS. https://movieboxpro.info/ https://mediabox.buzz/ https://zinitevi.info/
    I hope everyone is having a fantastic coding day.
    Could someone please provide a link to an example of how to create a new user in the documentation? https://cshare.mobi/ https://3utools.org/ https://tutu-app.info/
    Hi. is there a way to convert a table to accordion using bootstrap?. The idea is to show important columns inside accordion in mobile view.
    Apa ide anda untuk desain googlecod.com dengan bootstrap?
    Pasarkan produk kamu di googlecod.com
    Mike Simkins
    @umairmaqbool3 in Bootstrap5 ml became ms, and mr became me - bootstrap 5 supports right to left and left to right languages, so instead of margin-left (ml) and margin-right (mr), it became margin-start (ms) and margin-end (me) - it’s all in the docs
    Jim H
    I don't have any experience in any sort of online/web development. I came up with an idea that I personally think is great in regard to the target audience it serves. I don't know if I should vividly share it on here but I would like to discuss the possibility of this online tool or service. I am looking to discuss this with someone familiar with the pharmaceutical world.
    can someone help or point me in the correct direction?
    targ digital
    @luckyl2000:matrix.org Hi Jim, I have experience in web design and development and some free time on my hands. I am happy to discuss and run any scheme :)
    Virgie Jurgensen
    helpful infomation. https://autoclicker-app.com and usefull information https://zinitevidownload.com
    Hello everyone I'm looking to create a html questionnaire form. The first question basically decides the fate of the questionnaire. Basically if you answer yes for question one you get survey 1, if you answer no you get survey 2. Anyone can help me structure this? Looking to use html, css, javascript
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    Rakesh Pawar
    hello everyone,
    I have a query, I want to hide the share & watch later button on the youtube video embed link
    Ali Ergüç
    Hi everyone
    Kevin Bush
    Hey everyone
    Reverend Angel Dust
    Peace Man
    Radu Ivanov
    Isiah cloyd
    Vishal Ola
    hi anyone here?
    Naftoli Gugenheim
    Why do you ask?
    Hi, saw this at the top of the html css for a website, I don't think it has to do with the actual appearance. What's it supposed to be there for?
    <html lang="en"><head><style type="text/css">.swal-icon--error{border-color:#f27474;-webkit-animation:animateErrorIcon .5s;animation:animateErrorIcon .5s}.swal-icon--error__x-mark{position:relative;display:block;-webkit-animation:animateXMark .5s;animation:animateXMark .5s}.swal-icon--error__line{position:absolute;height:5px;width:47px;background-color:#f27474;display:block;top:37px;border-radius:2px}.swal-icon--error__line--left{-webkit-transform:rotate(45deg);transform:rotate(45deg);left:17px}.swal-icon--error__line--right{-webkit-transform:rotate(-45deg);transform:rotate(-45deg);right:16px}@-webkit-keyframes animateErrorIcon{0%{-webkit-transform:rotateX(100deg);transform:rotateX(100deg);opacity:0}to{-webkit-transform:rotateX(0deg);transform:rotateX(0deg);opacity:1}}@keyframes animateErrorIcon{0%{-webkit-transform:rotateX(100deg);transform:rotateX(100deg);opacity:0}to{-webkit-transform:rotateX(0deg);transform:rotateX(0deg);opacity:1}}@-webkit-keyframes animateXMark{0%{-webkit-transform:scale(.4);transform:scale(.4);margin-top:26px;opacity:0}50%{-webkit-transform:scale(.4);transform:scale(.4);margin-top:26px;opacity:0}80%{-webkit-transform:scale(1.15);transform:scale(1.15);margin-top:-6px}to{-webkit-transform:scale(1);transform:scale(1);margin-top:0;opacity:1}}@keyframes animateXMark{0%{-webkit-transform:scale(.4);transform:scale(.4);margin-top:26px;opacity:0}50%{-webkit-transform:scale(.4);transform:scale(.4);margin-top:26px;opacity:0}80%{-webkit-transform:scale(1.15);transform:scale(1.15);margin-top:-6px}to{-webkit-transform:scale(1);transform:scale(1);margin-top:0;opacity:1}}.swal-icon--warning{border-color:#f8bb86;-webkit-animation:pulseWarning .75s infinite alternate;animation:pulseWarning .75s infinite alternate}.swal-icon--warning__body{width:5px;height:47px;top:10px;border-radius:2px;margin-left:-2px}.swal-icon--warning__body,.swal-icon--warning__dot{position:absolute;left:50%;background-color:#f8bb86}.swal-icon--warning__dot{width:7px;height:7px;border-radius:50%;margin-left:-4px;bottom:-11px}@-webkit-keyframes pulseWarning{0%{border-color:#f8d486}to{border-color:#f8bb86}}@keyframes pulseWarning{0%{border-color:#f8d486}to{border-color:#f8bb86}}.swal-icon--success{border-color:#a5dc86}.swal-icon--success:after,.swal-icon--success:before{content:"";border-radius:50%;position:absolute;width:60px;height:120px;background:#fff;-webkit-transform:rotate(45deg);transform:rotate(45deg)}.swal-icon--success:before{border-radius:120px 0 0 120px;top:-7px;left:-33px;-webkit-transform:rotate(-45deg);transform:rotate(-45deg);-webkit-transform-origin:60px 60px;transform-origin:60px 60px}.swal-icon--success:after{border-radius:0 120px 120px 0;top:-11px;left:30px;-webkit-transform:rotate(-45deg);transform:rotate(-45deg);-webkit-transform-origin:0 60px;transform-origin:0 60px;-webkit-animation:rotatePlaceholder 4.25s ease-in;animation:rotatePlaceholder 4.25s ease-in}.swal-icon--success__ring{width:80px;height:80px;border:4px solid hsla(98,55%,69%,.2);border-radius:50%;box-sizing:content-box;position:absolute;left:-4px;top:-4px;z-index:2}.swal-icon--success__hide-corners{width:5px;height:90px;background-color:#fff;padding:1px;position:absolute;left:28px;top:8px;z-index:1;-webkit-transform:rotate(-45deg);transform:rotate(-45deg)}.swal-icon--success__line{height:5px;background-color:#a5dc86;display:block;border-radius:2px;position:absolute;z-index:2}.swal-icon--success__line--tip{width:25px;left:14px;top:46px;-webkit-transform:rotate(45deg);transform:rotate(45deg);-webkit-animation:animateSuccessTip .75s;animation:animateSuccessTip .75s}.swal-icon--success__line--long{width:47px;right:8px;top:38px;-webkit-transform:rotate(-45deg);transform:rotate(-45deg);-webkit-animation:animateSuccessLong .75s;animation:animateSuccessLong .75s}@-webkit-keyframes rotatePlaceholder{0%{-webkit-transform:rotate(-45deg);transform:rotate(-45deg)}5%{-webkit-transform:rotate(-45deg);transform:rotate(-45deg
    its for
    Hello! My name is Tatiana. I represent Ampier company. We are engaged in the development of digital products, such as email list services.
    We would like you to consider our new project Ampier.
    The Ampier project is a completely new approach to creating emails. We focus on a new generation - amp for email (amp-letters). This technology allows the use of interactive tools and "live communication with server". Is it interesting for you?
    Naftoli Gugenheim
    What makes you think it's okay to post that here?
    Hello, may be this product can be useful for you
    Omid Dehghan
    Hey everyone :)
    I have a website and published in there 1500 SEO optimized articles related to teaching the core of a few programming languages. Now I decided to sell the site. Please send me a DM if you're interested in.
    P.S: I know the request is not specifically relative to the community, but I thought it might be a public interest.
    Thank you
    1 reply
    Jibran Abdul Jabbar

    Hi Everyone, LinkedIn is hiring a Software Engineer - Android. Anywhere in the US, full time.

    In this role, you will design and execute user-facing features for the native LinkedIn app as well as LinkedIn Learning app on Android devices, by leveraging mobile operating system frameworks for multi-threading, persisting data, and managing user experience and graphics across multiple screen sizes.

    Key Skills: API, Android, OOP, (MVC/MVVM/MVP), Data structures and Algorithms

    Please send your resume directly at masundaray@linkedin.com, or ping me if you have any queries.

    Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 11.31.59 AM.png
    I'm using react bootstrap dropdown, but when i open it, it stuck on top
    i used drop left, but no luck
    anyone know how turn a bootstrap card into png?
    Hello, I want learning to bootstrap because I want to join.
    I'm up for Bootstrap react projects
    BlockChain & Web developer


    Hi, as a senior react developer, I am looking for a new job opportunity.

    Here are my skills and experiences.

    • 7 years of experience with React, Redux
    • very familiar with webpack, npm
    • practical experience with converting Figma design into react components by focusing reusability and optimization
    • skilled in unit testing with Jest
    • very familiar with agile development(github, bitbucket, jira, asana, slack etc)


    Can anyone please help me out with my code? The problem is that I am creating a Calorie Meter but when I click the Calculate button the respected code is not running.
    Andrei Balan
    Hello there!