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Hi guys. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but there is a typo in extension description: "CMake langage support for Visual Studio Code".
Hi, nice catch, I will fix the typo
Sandu Ursu
Hi, guys. There is an issue with CMake. When I run CMake: Configure I get the following error: Bad CMake executable "". Is it installed or settings contain the correct path (cmake.cmakePath)?
Actually the problem seems to be with the CMake Tools extension, but if anyone knows how to solve it, please share your ideas.
greetings all
someone here ?
Great! I wanted to ask a question concerning this extension
I've installed it and somehow it cannot parse .cmake script files
if it was installed, it should parse .cmake and CMakelists.txt files
the association is defined in the extension, may be there is a thiord extension that is associated with .cmake
this is what I have installed
you shoulb be able to change the cmake association
Greetings again
I would like to know how can I debug CMake file?
my extension doesn't provide debug features
that would be a good feature cause cmaker server runs now
Would it be possible to add support for .cmake.in files as well. I am dealing with a project where these files are used as a template to make .cmake files, and the syntax follows normal cmake convension
It would be great to have an option to disable auto generate on save!

I have downloaded the CMake extension, however, it usually shows "The "cmake" command is not found in PATH. Install it or use cmake.cmakePath in the workspace settings to define the CMake executable binary."

But I have cmake installed on WSL already. How to fix this problem ?

I do not need to run Cmake within vscode. Can I close that warning?
May be you can try to
try what?
try "cmake.cmakePath": "wsl.exe /usr/bin/cmake"
I'm not currently on Windows
if it doesn't work a .bat with wsl.exe /usr/bin/cmake %*should do the trick
the first method seems work ! thank you ,bro!
nice !
Michael Melkonian
Question: Although I have installed CMake from the repository in Visual Studio Code, I maintain to get an error in my terminal that states " CMake must be installed to build the following extensions: dlib"... in case I have left out any additional information please let me know! Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hello. Question: I've installed CMake tool extention (ver 3.8.1), and CMake(0.0.17)in vscode in CentOS.. whenever I try to build the project I get Unhandled Promise rejection error for any build commands, like :
'[rollbar] Unhandled exception: Unhandled Promise rejection: build Error: connect ENOENT /tmp/cmake-server-0.6121062668988326

I've tried to search what I did wrong, there's no specific solution.. How should I sove this issue. Thank you in advance..

kodi marthe
Seems I am not the only one with this issue.
thank u
Aditya Kohli
hey my C++ code is not running on may laptop can anybody please help...
Intellisense isn't working, my cmake.cmakePath is correct
strangely, syntax highlighting is working
when I do add_executabl() its just white, but when I change it to add_executable() it colors it
Sai Krishna Chada
Hello everyone,
My Query: I have tried to install CMake (twxs.cmake) from the extensions. But, I get an error "Error while installing 'CMake' extension. Please check the log for more details."
In the log, I have the following error,
"Corrupt ZIP: end of central directory record signature not found"
Could someone please help how to tackle this issue?
I am currently operating on Linux
hello ,I have install this but there is no syntax highlight,what's wrong?
it needs to be trusted, I get it
Simanto Rahman
Hi folks, is anyone having issues with intellisense on CMakeLists file? Syntax highlighting works fine but no suggestions show up
Sorry, "stupid" question, is this vastly different from the official m$ extension? Does it make any sense to use both?
target_link_directories seems not recognized. Should I file an issue or not?
haya saku
Daniil Lyakhov

Hello! I'm facing following problem: cmake always configurate project with debug type adding this to the end of cmake arguments:

I was trying to add build type to "cmake.configureArgs" like that:

"cmake.configureArgs": [

but still couldn't configurate project as release.

Could you please help me to configurate my project with type=release? I didn't find any options in settings