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Jul 2016
Edmondo Porcu
Jul 04 2016 09:39
hello, I have a complex hierarchy of case classes with fields of type Xor[A,B] and I would like to have copy working on a xor if it's left
has anyone used Monocle?
Jul 04 2016 11:20
@TomasMikula great thanks. Just wanted to double check that I got the problem right :)
Simon Hafner
Jul 04 2016 14:36
@edmondo1984 Optional is probably the lens structure you're looking for
Just FYI, monocle has a hard dependency on scalaz, so you'll probably have to write cats adapters by yourself - if someone hasn't done that already.
Edmondo Porcu
Jul 04 2016 15:54
@reactormonk is there any example maybe?
Joseph Abrahamson
Jul 04 2016 23:51
I added a few issues wrt some generalizable needs I have arising from building a "pure profunctor" lens lib atop cats. Not sure the best way to balance out the somewhat more esoteric use case here but I figured I'd start a conversation anyway.