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Nov 2015
Alec Zorab
Nov 09 2015 10:47
@milessabin my datapoint is a unique and beautiful snowflake that needs special treatment. Also, I'm not allowed to use twitter - can I sneak a +1 in for attendance in here instead?
Miles Sabin
Nov 09 2015 11:56
@AlecZorab you've destroyed the laser-precision accuracy of my poll! How could you!
My gut feeling is that the 50-100 estimate is about right.
@bmc what do you need from us to move this forward?
Brian Clapper
Nov 09 2015 18:18
I’m in the process of working on the logistics for 2016 NEScala. I just need to now what you need from me, what kind of facilities you need, etc. I’ll probably also need to coordinate funding with someone. A point person within this group, with whom I can coordinate, would be a win.