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Mar 2016
Adelbert Chang
Mar 13 2016 00:18
We're looking into that at $WORK right now
Is the principle one repo power release
Or one SBT project per release
Rob Norris
Mar 13 2016 00:20
It's validating to know that everything is uniformly terrible, rather than being concentrated specifically in my codebase.
Adelbert Chang
Mar 13 2016 01:10
Erik LaBianca
Mar 13 2016 13:40
Number of repos is a tough one. Git doesn’t really scale to ultra-huge mono-repo’s really well, and the learning curve for submodules can be tough for some people. SBT performance is a tough balance as well, I have about 30 submodules including a few forks and both sbt and intellij are a little creaky. My experience has been unless you know for sure that you can release all the way out to production 100% independently, you are better off with a single repo, or ideally 1 repo with lots of submodules and sbt modules.
Mar 13 2016 15:13
I've added some docs about ENSIME contribution here, referencing some typelevel projects and gitter channels
Greg Pfeil
Mar 13 2016 20:41
So, in the Lisp world, I used to have this macro that let me write “direct” and optimized versions of a block of code side-by-side. The direct version functioned as documentation and I could also (in tests) have both versions execute and make sure the result was the same (and time the actual performance difference). Anything that lets me do something similar in Scala?
I could write it mostly as a lazy function, but would still like something that would elide the branches in production.
Mar 13 2016 20:44
aaah lisp, everything we do in scala is just until the commercial world catches up and lets us use this language of Gods in our day job.
Greg Pfeil
Mar 13 2016 20:45
@fommil Hah! I was primarily a lisp dev for about a decade. I want something like Shen.
illegal for me to comment....
Mar 13 2016 23:32
Even if I worked for a subsidiary of an American company it would be illegal to comment, but hey-hoy.