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Mar 2016
Greg Pfeil
Mar 19 2016 14:49
Are there (or could there be) GitHub badges for Typelevel (incubator/full) membership? Helpful for projects not under the org.
(I just made that up.)
Greg Pfeil
Mar 19 2016 14:54
Heh, I didn't realize there was such a service 😃
Mar 19 2016 17:36
are there any clojure developers in the room who could space a few moments to help me out?
Mar 19 2016 17:53
well, say what you want about scala... but I've basically wasted a whole day of learning clojure because it's basically got zero community
nobody around to help at all, and basic libraries that are 5 years old and unmaintained. I would have thought a simple demo app like "connect to twitter and download your tweets" would have been pretty simple nowadays. But.... nope!
advice on the chat rooms "why don't you implement your own OAuth library?"
heh. How about no.
Rob Norris
Mar 19 2016 18:58
@fommil interesting, everyone is always going on about how awesome and joyful the clojure community is
maybe you need to know the secret handshake or something
Mar 19 2016 19:40
they are joyful enough when people show up, but the channels are just tumbleweed
Mar 19 2016 20:49
Maybe ClojureFest '16 is happening right now in the desert Southwest? Like it was here during Summit[TypeLevel].
Mar 19 2016 21:11