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Mar 2016
Miles Sabin
Mar 27 2016 12:23
Hi folks ... we're considering trying to organize a regular monthly Typelevel hackday as part of Hack the Tower in London:
Julien Truffaut
Mar 27 2016 12:23
Miles Sabin
Mar 27 2016 12:24
I'd be really interested to get a feel for how many people might be up for that, travel from outside London, outside the UK occasionally etc.
Mar 27 2016 12:25
Just 'luv the name ;)
I would be up as an occasional overseas :+1:
Miles Sabin
Mar 27 2016 12:27
I think I'd probably be able to get there once every couple of months or thereabouts.
I've asked @jr0cket to find out if the venue is dog-friendly ;-)
Hamish Dickson
Mar 27 2016 14:02
:+1: that sounds great
Dale Wijnand
Mar 27 2016 18:18
Phil Wills
Mar 27 2016 19:51
Despite the convenience of location, I fear the chances of me making it are very slim