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Feb 2018
Adelbert Chang
Feb 22 2018 00:10
i did not realize airline experiences can differ depending on where youre going/coming from
Jose C
Feb 22 2018 00:11
anyone doing the trip from YYZ that knows a decent flight?
Adelbert Chang
Feb 22 2018 05:41
looks like Residence Inn was the closest company-approved hotel so see you there cc @tpolecat
the other 3 were like 10+ miles away
Rob Norris
Feb 22 2018 08:19
:+1: it's boring but around the corner. good enough
Justin du Coeur, AKA Mark Waks
Feb 22 2018 13:12
@adelbertc Oh, absolutely. The experience can vary depending on which aircraft they are using for this route (depends on traffic and how long the flight is), what the departure-gate environment is like (usually depends on how invested this airline is at this airport), and a bunch of other stuff. Company culture matters a lot, and that tends to be across the line, but within airlines you'll see a fair amount of variability from route to route...
Adelbert Chang
Feb 22 2018 17:37
coolio :+1: thanks for the tip @jducoeur !
Adelbert Chang
Feb 22 2018 20:18
Rob Norris
Feb 22 2018 20:19
seems like a lot of dependencies
Gavin Bisesi
Feb 22 2018 20:57
  val modelDependencies = Seq(
    // I am not certain why I need jackson-core here but IntelliJ is confused without it and tests don't run