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Jun 2015
Jon Pretty
Jun 29 2015 15:17
@milessabin What is the "current" version of Typelevel Scala now? Do we need to do a lot of merging across from scala/scala?
Miles Sabin
Jun 29 2015 16:14
I think we should probably start fresh from current master and cherry-pick across the things we want to keep.
Jon Pretty
Jun 29 2015 16:41
Ok. I've just started working with the 2.12.x branch of scala/scala.
I've got no experience with cherry-picking, so I'll need some hand-holding if I'm to do that...
Jon Pretty
Jun 29 2015 20:27
I had a reasonably successful hack on custom string literals this evening...
A bare string literal now desugars to apply"foobar", which is provided via a StringContext implicit class in Predef.
You can, of course, provide your own implicit class to shadow the one in Predef, and therefore define your own replacement (value) class for strings, without a +(x: Any) method.
There are two problems with this, that I can see.
  1. Bad (no) integration with the SIP-23 changes.
Jon Pretty
Jun 29 2015 20:35
  1. The strings don't actually support interpolation, and there are arguments both ways as to whether they should or shouldn't - we want to continue to be able to represent the string "$foo" without the compiler trying to interpolate foo.
But also, it would be really nice to be able to have s"" interpolated strings by default, with just an import.
By the way, it's hilarious how Gitter markdown renumbers the 1. in the second list item above...