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Dec 2016
Tim Pigden
Dec 22 2016 12:08
hi - was planning to upgrade my codebase to 2.12.1 over the break (from 2.11.8). When is the typelevel 2.12.1 equivalent expected? I would love to have Miles's speed-ups for hlist and do the whole lot in one go, but if it's not quite ready would you recommend lb 2.12.1 or current typelevel?
Lars Hupel
Dec 22 2016 20:12
@TimPigden 2.12.0 is available, would that not work for you?
Tim Pigden
Dec 22 2016 20:18
@larsrh Hi Lars, I don't know. That was the point of the second part of my question. Is there anything in tl 2.12.0 vs lb 2.12.1 that would make one better than the other?
Greg Pfeil
Dec 22 2016 20:19
@TimPigden I assume you’re currently on LB 2.11, not TL 2.11?
I think it probably doesn’t matter too much from that point. If you go to either TL 2.12.0 or LB 2.12.1, moving to TL 2.12.1 later is going to be cake.
If you’re on TL 2.11, then going to LB 2.12 is probably not going to be so easy.
Tim Pigden
Dec 22 2016 20:25
@sellout thanks - so I was on tl 2.11. decided to take plunge and as of today am about 5% of way to LB 2.12. I had to do something this afternoon :-) I'll switch when tl 2.12.1 is availble