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May 2017
May 18 2017 12:08
just watching @milessabin's talk at and it occurs to me that perhaps there could be a sbt-typelevel-scala plugin that sets the appropriate organization and scalaVersion across all projects. It could even be a copy/paste plugin that goes into project/Typelevel.scala to avoid the hassle of distributing it. The sbt hygiene of these instructions is not great... e.g. tlsSettings should really be inThisBuild and commonSettings should really be in a projectSettings in a plugin (it's a shame there is no way to define a projectSettings in a .sbt file)
Mark Eibes
May 18 2017 18:44
Can I use the typelevel scala compiler with scalajs?
May 18 2017 19:28
@dwijnand I retract my advice! :-)
Dale Wijnand
May 18 2017 20:12