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Dec 2017
Oron Port
Dec 06 2017 17:14
:sparkles: :cake: :clap: SIP23 was finally accepted!. @milessabin Congratulation for carrying SIP23 through the finish-line! (and for joining the SIP committee).
Pascal Voitot
Dec 06 2017 17:14
I'm playing with right now and this is clearly very useful!!!
Miles Sabin
Dec 06 2017 17:17
Thanks. Credit due to Lightbend for sponsoring me.
Shane Delmore
Dec 06 2017 17:53
Indeed, the cooperation there was really nice to see.
Oron Port
Dec 06 2017 18:02
It's truly beneficial to have a Typelevel representative on the SIP committee :smile:
Guillaume Martres
Dec 06 2017 19:07
Oron Port
Dec 06 2017 20:13
When SIP23 is finally merged into LBS, what will happen for TLS? TLS will no longer need to support SIP23 in 2.13/2.14, but will it still add literal types support to 2.11 and 2.12? How does this work?