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Repo info
    Bnaya Peretz
    Another question: is it possible to get a stream our of connection.query?
    Fabian Wiles
    Anyone know if there's some typed way of using relations?
    right now it's jsut some random string array
    Antoine Guittet
    Hi guys, I there a way when doing a request with queryBuilder with relation to order the relation results ?
    Adrian Hara
    when compiling my (library) code the d.ts files don't contain default values for functions anymore, i.e. foo(a: string, b: number = 1) results in the d.ts in foo(a:string, b:number)... is that normal?
    Bnaya Peretz
    What is the correct column definition for auto filled created_at & updated_at fields for mysql?
    that are filled by the mysql server
    Logan Valentine
    const connection = await db()
    await connection
    .innerJoin(Orders, 'ord', 'vis.visitId = ord.visitId')
    .where('vis.locationId = :id', { id })
    .then(res => (success = res))
    .catch(({ code, message }) => (error = { code, message }))
    why would orderId not show up in the results?
    Alexander Latour
    I'm looking for a ORM Library for my project, I'm considering TypeORM but I have a few questions: Is it possible to use factories? Generate seeds?
    Bnaya Peretz
    Why dose is JoinTable (owner side declaration) is required for ManyToMany?
    Bnaya Peretz
    Is it possible to configure a junction table?
    I have an exiting schema and i'm trying to teach TypeORM to use it
    My exiting junction table look likes so:
    int(11) UN AI PK
    int(11) UN
    My current direction is to just declare "one to many" from categories to this table, and from brands to this table,
    But when i want to use features like RelationId i get the value of bt_brand_to_category_id
    Agusti Fernandez
    @alexeightsix Hey Alexander, yes that's indeed possible. You can see a good example on https://github.com/w3tecch/express-typescript-boilerplate/ of both, using faker under the hood for factories
    This repo boilerplate was what made me stick with TS/TypeORM. Hope it helps . They ended up creating a npm package for typeorm seeding: https://github.com/w3tecch/typeorm-seeding
    Hello, how do I use the .collation() cursor on repository.createEntityCursor() on MongoDB?
    Saulo S. Toledo
    Hello all. I am having issue with a sample project here. Can somebody help me to find the issuew
    /* tslint:disable:completed-docs no-any */
    import { MigrationInterface, QueryRunner } from 'typeorm';
    import { User } from '../../modules/core/entities/user.model';
    export class AddSampleUsers1557597276952 implements MigrationInterface {
      public async up(queryRunner: QueryRunner): Promise<any> {
        await queryRunner
            { name: 'John Doe', email: 'john@doe.com', username: 'john.doe', password: '12345' },
            { name: 'Agata Doe', email: 'agata@doe.com', username: 'agata.doe', password: '12345' },
      public async down(queryRunner: QueryRunner): Promise<any> {
        await queryRunner
          .where('email = :email', { email: 'john@doe.com' })
          .orWhere('email = :email', { email: 'agata@doe.com' })
    The error when I run the migration:
    Error during migration run:
    TypeError: this.subQuery is not a function
    Shijie Zhou
    using sql query instead of this query runner.
    Dominic Watson
    is it known that doing qb.addOrderBy('updatedAt', 'ASC') doesn't quote the column when the table name isn't prefixed like Asset.updatedAt in Postgres? Didn't see an issue for it. It causes an error like: No column updatedat because of it being unquoted
    Using Webpack (nrwl/nx + angular cli) How to fix a circular dependency between entities which relate to each other?
    eg. page.entity.ts:
    @OneToMany(type => Pic, item => item.page)
    @ManyToOne(type => Page, item => item.pics, { onDelete: 'CASCADE' })
    obviously these entities have to import each other to make that happen the usual way. Webpack says no-no. Any ideas?
    meh hmn i guess i need to add interfaces, which entities implement
    nope the related type needs to be an entity. What to do?
    ok just use an interface on the ManyToOne end, lose the decorator there
    will lose the benefit of any cascaded saves but who uses them anyway... :)
    Agusti Fernandez
    Toni, check out this, you can use typeorm with graphql+modules 👌🏻 https://link.medium.com/oxU6b8Is8W
    @agustif Really, moving to graphql is the only way? :) I like REST too much, will have to figure out a way to use an injector or something to get the entity classes for the decorators :)
    ok only using @ManyToOne() is enough to create foreign keys etc. I thought you need to do @OneToMany() in the related entity as well. Guess I can live without it
    hi, love typeorm! one question, is there still no way when adding a relation (either via createQueryBuilder().innerJoinAndSelect or find({ relations: [ ... ] })) to specify which fields you want returned on the relation?
    say i have a user, and i want to get that user, their posts, but the posts should contain only the titles

    Hello, guys.
    in php doctrine ORM we have opportunity to set order by default in model instance like this
    @ORM\OrderBy({"date" = "DESC"})
    for example so we set order to addresses items as order : [[ 'date', 'DESC' ]]

        * @var \KR\Model\PeopleAddresses[]
        * @ORM\OneToMany(targetEntity="\PeopleAddresses", mappedBy="people")
        * @ORM\OrderBy({"date" = "DESC"})
        * @ORM\JoinColumn(name="id", referencedColumnName="people_id")
    protected $addresses;

    and is there a way to do that in typeorm?

        @Field(type => OrdersModel, { nullable : true })
    ***@OrderBy('date', 'DESC')***
        @HasMany(() => OrdersModel)
        ordersItem: OrdersModel;

    i try like this, but it is not work

        @Field(type => OrdersModel, { 
            nullable : true,
            defaultValue: [{
                key: "date",
                order: "ASC"
        @HasMany(() => OrdersModel)
        ordersItem: OrdersModel;
    hi all, is it possible to specify a field list for a relation in a find ?
    Hey, entityManager.save does insert or update. Is there a good way to find out what the entityManager did?
    Thomas Reggi
    Hey All, i am looking for a way to get all relations for a specific entity. Could use some help.

    @reggi I looked into the github code. Found something like:

    hasRelation<T>(target: ObjectType<T>|string, relation: string|string[]): boolean {
            const entityMetadata = this.connection.getMetadata(target);
            const relations = relation instanceof Array ? relation : [relation];
            return relations.every(relation => {
                return !!entityMetadata.findRelationWithPropertyPath(relation);

    may this help you? :o

    Thomas Reggi
    @Lyth0 I tried using this.connection.getMetadata, for some reason it was taking for ever to run
    give me a second. I try to run it on my code
    I got the response instantly :o
    Thomas Reggi
    I'll look into this thanks @Lyth0
    Hi everyone, I'm new to TypeORM, after npm run typeorm migration:run there isn't any table created in the database while I've an entity in my project. can someone help me to solve this problem.