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Nov 2015
Nov 06 2015 03:12
Hey how are you guys? I'm having some some issues with my server, I'd love if you guys help me with any of this..
First, I want to make free spoil, I mean, I want the dwarf to spoil any mob no matter what level it is..
The other thing is, when the people do "duels" in my server, the duel never ends until any of the players die, someone was telling me about upgrading my l2jserver.jar, but I really have no idea how to do that without losing all my customized data..
Can you help me out with that? Telling me how to fix the problem about the duel, or explaining me how to upgrade my database without having to lose everything on it?
Nov 06 2015 03:17
@Alyllyra Heya. Here is a chat for l2j event engine not for l2j server support, you need ask in L2J/L2J_DataPack and/or L2J/L2J_Server chats
Nov 06 2015 03:23
Disculpa por eso, solo que en esos dos chats nadie responde..