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Max Pixel

Greetings, snappers. I'm trying to use snapd's API, but there are a lot of vital details missing from the documentation, and I'm at a loss to get it working. I tried searching for existing code that references /run/snapd.socket, but couldn't find anything out there.

Working from C# (.NET Core) and I'm able to connect to the socket successfully, but when I send it the ASCII-encoded string "GET /v2/system-info", it doesn't respond (not even with an error).

I'd create an issue on the GitHub repository requesting that a usage example be added to the documentation (even if not C#, I could probably figure it out from a Python or even C example), but issues are not enabled. I have yet to find documentation on how issues are supposed to be suggested if not on GitHub.

RAOF Max Pixel (Gitter): Issues are on Launchpad - https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd
My windows 10 running on uefi. And i want to install ubuntu 16.04 latest version. Should i turn off the secure boot to install ubuntu? It doesn't matter to me to wipe all hard and inatall both bios on legacy. Wouldn't be better thia way? I read on internet that ubuntu run better on legacy mode.

RAOF Mohsen (Gitter): There's no reason to turn off secure boot (it has been supported for years now), and it prevents real-world exploits. The internet is not particularly reliable on this matter ☹️.

Incidentally, this is not really the best channel for random Ubuntu questions 😀.

@matrixbot sorry for the question 😅 and thank you for the answer
How change google-chrome language to different lang, not system default lang ?
Drew Boardman
hey, So I just installed a Ryzen 5 1600 and MSI Pro Gaming mobo. I can't get ubuntu to install at all
I'm using the same SSD that had ubuntu installed on it when i had an intel processor
and Windows is installed successfully on a different SSD
I've tried changing the ISO from 16.04 to 17.10
occasionally it will just go to black screen after I select "Install Ubuntu" from the grub menu
Siddhartha Das
Trying to set up continous integration for an application I have developed : bookworm (yaml: https://github.com/babluboy/bookworm/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml)
However the build results in error as the correct versions of granite (0.5) and webkit2 gtk-4.0 are not being pulled in - any pointers on how I can correct the same. On my local the snap is building fine
Siddhartha Das
Siddhartha Das
Any pointers in how to resolve the issue with snapcraft for granite 0.5 and webkit2gtk-4.0 : https://build.snapcraft.io/user/babluboy/bookworm/148507
Sarthak Thakur
@MohsenEmami No you can install ubuntu with Windows in UEFI too. I am using it like that and it works flawlessly :)
Kartik Mudgal
hi :wave:
does anybody have any idea for why this is happening :point_up:
I've been stuck for days
Michał Rosiak
Hi! Where Can I find example with html5 game and ubuntu snappy package?
Thomas Faulkner
can you point me in the right direction for a help and support group for tehc
Frederick Henderson
@babluboy I am not sure but you might try adding source-type: git to the granite section. Maybe it ignores the source-tag: because it assumes a source-type of download tarball.
@babluboy also add both source-type and source-tag to the bookworm section to specify the version.
If that does not work you can use the raw links to the tarballs for the versions you want from those repositories as the source. I have done that in snaps and it works.
Siddhartha Das
@frederickjh many thanks for the pointer. do you have any examples for me to look at ...will be great if you know any snap using webkit2 gtk-4.0
Frederick Henderson
@babluboy I just tried to convert the source: of a snap I am working on from using a tarball to using a tag and this failed. Investigating I found that the code is using git clone --recursive --branch <tag> <repository-url> <path-to-src-folder>. In what I have found the support for the --branch option with tags is spotty.

@babluboy I would suggest using the tarball as source. For the current project I am working on I am using this for a github repo:

    source: https://github.com/lbellonda/qxmledit/archive/$SNAPCRAFT_PROJECT_VERSION.tar.gz

The variable $SNAPCRAFT_PROJECT_VERSION is set by the version: in the snapcraft.yaml file. That way you only need to change it at the top of the file once.

Frederick Henderson
I also have:
source-type: tar
Siddhartha Das
@frederickjh Thanks for your continued support. I tried with source-type: git, and it did try to build granite but failed with the following: lib/CMakeFiles/granite.dir/build.make:1221: recipe for target 'lib/CMakeFiles/granite.dir/Widgets/AsyncImage.c.o' failed
make[2]: * [lib/CMakeFiles/granite.dir/Widgets/AsyncImage.c.o] Error 1
I read somewhere that the error is due to an older version of valac (Not sure if I can mention a specific version of valac on the snapcraft)...will try the tarball as source as well and see if that helps avoid the error...thanks again
Frederick Henderson
This looks to be more an issue with git than with snapcraft.
Siddhartha Das
@frederickjh Tried with the tarball approach and it failed with the same error....I saw that the snapcraft of sequeler using granite suceeded, but the snap does not work - maybe I will give it a try. It uses the launchpad as source
plugin: cmake
    source: lp:granite
    source-type: bzr
K Dhanesh
Hi guys ..
am looking for Logging Chrooted SFTP ...
lokendra singh chouhan
Complete Guide To Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) https://ubuntu.tutorials24x7.com/blog/how-to-install-ubuntu-18-04-lts-bionic-beaver
I made a developement group in Discord for people who are learning from all sorts of places https://discord.gg/FaP3g3P
lokendra singh chouhan
Jacob Bogers
why "adduser" not exist on ubuntu?
Hi i am using ubuntu on dual boot i am having problem when i close my lid after some time it shuts down i have tried toggling the power options but it didn't worked for me please help
harish chennupati
I am getting gnome display manager error dispatcher service and booting stopped there and what should I do know I upgraded to Ubuntu 18 from 17 and rebooted and getting this I want to access my files it's urgent what should I do now
I need help urgently, I restarting my system and the launcher is missing, on right click terminal is gone ... I can not continue my work due to this, could someone please help me?
Hello, everyone.
I just installed ubuntu desktop system in virtual box and the screen resolution is low. I searched the answer, but I got stuck. Can someone help me?
Saif Addin
Anyone lucky to make Nvidia Prime on Ubuntu work?