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    Avinash Vijayvargiya

    Myself Avinash Vijayvargiya
    Wanted to contribute in the project Path finding algorithm using OpenCV

    Can anyone guide how to get started?

    Hey, Kriti here, from India, I am interested in contributing to the Vehicle dynamic model development project, should I directly mail the mentor?
    Jayjeet Chakraborty
    Hi @avinash14022002, Please reach out to Aaron on his email (aamuhunt@ucsc.edu). @itsIapetus Yes, please mail him directly.
    Sahil Kumar Sahu
    Hello to everyone. My name is Sahil Kumar Sahu, Final year student would like to contribute => "Write Helm charts for easy deployment of the SkyhookDM, Dask , ServiceX stack on Kubernetes". Just need a small help while setting up SkyhookDM using popper.
    2 replies
    Hello, I am Eshan Gupta a sophomore at IIIT Hyderabad. I am fluent with C/C++ and have a decent hold over data structures. I am looking forward to contributing to this organization. Can someone help me where to start with?
    1 reply
    Hello, I am Rashi Gupta a sophomore. I am interested in 'open source autonomous vehicle controller'. Can someone provide me the link of github repo of this project and channel/platform where conversations and tasks of the project are discussed...?
    4 replies
    Akäsh Säiñi
    Hey, My name is Akash. I am a pre-final year Computer Science undergraduate. I have been Red Hat Certified Specialist in CEPH Storage Administratior, Red Hat certified System Administrator, Engineer & Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation. I looking forward to contribute in "HDF5 - Ceph Rados Integration". Can someone guide me where to start? And where is the repo link? I hope this is the wright place to ask.
    2 replies
    Hello everyone, which template for writing a proposal is recommended?
    Stephanie Lieggi
    @rajchem and everyone else interested in CROSS project... check out the template on our GSoC organization page here https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/organizations/5370606536622080/
    If you scroll down you will see it under How to work with us
    Rishikesh Vanarse
    Does UCCROSS/ GSoC allow submitting more than one proposals (for separate projects) to the same organization?
    1 reply

    Hello,I'm Siddharth I would like to contribute in Open Source Autonomous Vehicle Controller
    I have exposure of control application for embedded systems and like to enhance more by implementing and applying my current knowledge to subprojects (OSAVC)
    like Vehicle/Craft sensor driver development(embedded protocol implementation)

    And for rest I need to study more about control schemes that would use in these projects ( as I have only implementation ideas of PID and MPC )

    IMU calibration algorithm development
    State estimation/sensor fusion algorithm development
    Vehicle dynamic model development
    @slieggi (Stephanie Lieggi)
    Also like to know the subprojects under(OSAVC) are falling into same proposal or separate
    Is there any other communication channel for OSAVC other than mail as I'm unable to reach to concern mentor to get more info and directional headstart with some suggestions

    Hardik Joshi
    Hi fellow developers, I am Hardik and looking forward to contribute and delve into the Open Source Autonomous Vehicle Controller project as part of GSOC'21 or even without it.
    I am experienced in Python3, ML, DL along with MERN stack development and well versed with the operations in autonomous vehicles. I am really looking forward to extend my knowledge in this domain.
    I would like to ask about any pre tasks etc. available so that I can get going and get acquainted with the code base
    Aditi Rao
    Hi everyone! I'm Aditi and I'm a sophomore at Manipal Institute of Technology. I was going through the ideas list and Open Source Autonomous Vehicle Controller caught my eye. I would love to contribute and learn more about it. I am in a student robotics team in my university and have some hands-on experience working with sensors like LiDARs, IMUs and Stereo Cameras as well as single board computers. I am excited to delve deeper into the field. If anyone has the link for the repo so I can get started, please let me know :)
    1 reply
    Rishikesh Vanarse

    I had a query regarding the proposal format. The given format lists the following subcategories under 'Implementation':

    1. Methodology
    2. Technical elements
    3. Solutions

    Since the methodology itself may include the proposed solutions and their technical aspects, is there a hard requirement to stick to the format, or can I have a little flexibility here to combine the sub-categories?

    3 replies
    Hi, everyone....I'm Fabio from Italy
    Stephanie Lieggi
    Hi Everyone!! Sorry to be delayed in responding to some of these questions -- I have been off line for a few days. I see a lot of interest in the OSAVC project. I will ask Aaron to join this channel so he can send post a general note for everyone. I think that might be the best way to get questions answered
    @slieggi Hi!Mentor,I am also interested in Evaluating user space networking stacks on SmartNICs project.I have sent an email to the mentor and the official website, but still no reply, can you help me ?
    2 replies
    Hi everyone, this is Aaron Hunter lead mentor for the OSAVC project. Many of you have already sent me email which is likely the best means of communication. That said, if I haven't gotten back to you yet, it is because there is a large amount of interest in the project and I may have missed your email. Free to ping me here or on email.
    @rassu-123 I have tried to respond to your email, but it gets bounced back from Outlook. Can you try from a different email account?
    1 reply
    @2ahunter is there any github repo for OSAVC project
    1 reply
    Pranav Goel
    I am looking into 'Port wiki to ReadTheDocs or other documentation platform' project and I am having some queries regarding it whom should I contact.
    Jayjeet Chakraborty
    Hi @pranavgoel29 : You can contact at jchakra1@ucsc.edu, jlefevre@ucsc.edu, and ivotron@ucsc.edu with your queries. Please keep all 3 of us in the loop. Thanks.
    Pranav Goel
    ok sir
    @2ahunter and @slieggi where I suppose to post draft proposal for review purpose
    GSoC dashboard or via mail
    1 reply
    @2ahunter @slieggi I have been working on a proposal for State estimation/sensor fusion algorithm development. As of now, the proposal is a bit generic in nature, I needed more context around the state of this project and any other specific information that might be relevant. @2ahunter I have also dropped an email to you on this. Awaiting your response
    1 reply
    @sbyna I have completed my Proposal on Object Centric Data Storage using PDC Ceph Rados Integration.I am waiting for you and other Mentors to Respond on it.
    I want to make it as feasible for the needs of the Project.Thanks
    Suren Byna
    @Mikeflames thanks for the interest and I'll go through the proposal.
    @Mikeflames please send direct email if you have any further questions
    Pranav Goel
    @heyjc:matrix.org and @ivotron sir, I have completed my proposal on 'Port wiki to ReadTheDocs or other documentation platform' and I have also sent it over to you and other mentors, please review and provide your valuable feedback.
    @2ahunter I have sent my proposal, on State estimation/sensor fusion algorithm development. If you please review it waiting for your feedback.
    @ivotron and @heyjc:matrix.org sorry for the delay I have completed my proposal on 'Port wiki to ReadTheDocs or other documentation platform' and sent the draft proposal.Please review it awaiting your feedback.
    @stallionz-arch Given the imminent due date, please submit your proposal as final
    is this the portal for taking about cross intern