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    Hi, first of all thanks for great lib you provide. It really helps. But I have a question. I use ui4j for scrapping web pages with javascript generated content. So I need some browser. And I have url queue and processing it using ui4j. And looks like there is a memory leak. There are 3,102 instances of "com.sun.javafx.webkit.prism.WCImageDecoderImpl", and it occupies 1.5 GB of memory.

    Is this me who doing something wrong?

    Ozhan Duz
    Hi @lehins83, that memory leak related with JavaFx
    I am going to publish workaround solution to solve that memory leak
    You need to checkout latest master branch (2.1.0-SNAPSHOT) to use the sample
    Let me know you if this sample enough to fix your memory leak problem
    Hey, @ui4j thanks a lot it works. No leaking now!

    I have one more question.
    If I don't use I just use

    String html = (String) page.executeScript("document.documentElement.innerHTML");

    to get page's html, do I really need to use "headless" mode?

    Hey. Is there any way to use proxy in ui4j?
    Ozhan Duz
    Hi @lehins83 headless mode is optional feature for continous build etc. you could optionally use or headless mode
    hi @uPeekit JavaFx WebKit browser use standard HttpUrlConnection, you could use standard Java http proxy settings:
    @ui4j so I can just set system property, that's cool. thanks :)
    what is the difference in using headless mode? seems the same for me if not call, fx application launches anyway
    Ozhan Duz
    @uPeekit headless mode could be used for ci build, command line (without window manager)
    Ozhan Duz
    Hi @bruce-genhot do not forget to add monocle dependency to your pom file: <dependency>
    Pat White
    Anyone have time for a quick question about ui4j with scala, in headless mode? When I run page.captureScreen(outStream), I never get any bytes into the stream.
    But, I can get the html from the response.

    hi @ui4j, could you help me with the NPE bug? i have ui4j v2.1.0 and Oracle Java 8U45, and i get NPE error on this
    System.setProperty("ui4j.headless", "true");
    BrowserEngine webkit = BrowserFactory.getWebKit();
    Page page = webkit.navigate(url);

    I just cant get it to work. Thank you

    Franz Allan Valencia See
    How do you catch any javascript error?
    Franz Allan Valencia See
    Is there a way for me to intercept all ajax requests done by ui4j?
    Franz Allan Valencia See
    Re Javascript errors : ui4j/ui4j#68
    Igr Alexánder Fernández Saúco
    Would be possible add a method to the page to load a complete document from an InputStream to be use in this way?
    BrowserEngine browser = BrowserFactory.getWebKit();
    Page page = browser.navigate("about:blank");
    Tommaso Sotte
    Hi, how can i see the request/response of a page?
    Two questions pls 1) Do I have any control over image format with captureScreen? Png/tiff/jpeg? 2) Currently I have to introduce Thread.sleep() after capture or else my image is blank. Can we make the captureScreen block until the image is written out? Help appreciated in advance !!
    Craig Combs
    Has this project been tested with web-sockets?
    Hello everyone :)
    First of all, thanks for making such an awesome project !
    Does anyone know how can I use a proxy while navigating to a url with ui-4j ?
    It doesn't seem as if navigating to seems to be respected and instead we are navigating to the url without username and password. Is there a way around this?
    This would if not provided normally result in a popup alert box prompting for username and password but it is outside the html context.
    Hi all, does anyone know if I can get source HTML from a webpage with ui4j?
    Is it just me or does page.hide() and page.close() not work ?
    they cause future lag..
    it will close the window, but next dowload using the same engine wont
    This message was deleted
    This message was deleted
    Hello guys, is there any way to simulate a click with ui4j without using JavaScript?, like a click in coordinates X and Y on the window. Cheers.
    @pabloleban maybe late but you can see an example in, u can click on an element with java code like this:
    Andrew Evans
    So to get the source just use javascript. I think it is in a tutorial but page.executeScript("document.documentElement.innerHTML") should do it or in Scala page.executeScript("document.documentElement.innerHTML").asInstanceOf[String].
    I have a problem. I included the correct Maven dependency and everything works fine. However, when I create a runnable jar andrun using java jdk 1.8.0_91 which I am also using from forked processes on my dev box with the exact same jdk (need multiple system proxies) the process fails. I receive Exception in thread "Thread-2" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Monocle headless platform not found
    at com.ui4j.webkit.ApplicationLauncher.initMonocleHeadless(
    at com.ui4j.webkit.ApplicationLauncher.launch(
    at com.ui4j.webkit.WebKitBrowser$
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
    at java.lang.Class.forName(
    at com.ui4j.webkit.ApplicationLauncher.assignMonoclePlatform(
    at com.ui4j.webkit.ApplicationLauncher.initMonocleHeadless(
    ... 2 more
    Is there something else I need to do I am using -Dui4j.headless=true and have tried setting the system property.
    Andrew Evans
    I also tried -Dmonocle.platform=Headless with the bove
    Andrew Evans
    really looking to avoid xvfb-run -a
    Is it just me or do close() eventually always lead to a fatal sigserv error and a complete jvm shutdown? this makes ui4j totally unstable. it's happening all the time.
    Tobias Eriksson
    I do browser.navigate(...) and then login
    after that I continue to do browser.navigate(...)
    but then after a while the session seems to time out and I am logged out
    how do I solve this?
    ♚ Sudo ツ
    Hello Is there anyone to to give me few answer of my questions?
    Ahmed Elkayesh

    I have a question please, I am using ui4j to capture screenshots of html snippets, it's always the case that the snippets fill the screen, there will be some image that will take you to another site if you click, how can I click the document without having to selected the img tag. Simply because I don't know how the snippets will be structured and it's not guaranteed there will always be <a href> tag,

    I want to be able to click the middle of the viewable screen, how?

    I tried page.getDocument().getElementFromPoint(x,y).get().click() where x,y are points in the middle of the viewable area, but it doesn't work
    Is the new UI4J more stable and a real competitor to JXBrowser?