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Repo info
    Hey guys, I need your help on how to bring the contents of my navbar to the center.
    What i actually want is to put a margin to the left and right container
    @Chisonm Look at the messages above. ;)
    The description of this channel also says it pretty clearly.
    Mike Economou
    Hi, I have a problem with the upload in uikit 3.
    I try to upload several JPG image about 25-30mb. In the loadStart function the Request is being sent to the php and the $_FILES is empty.
    So I cannot do any logic.
    I have tried with smaller files files up tp 5mb and it Works fine.
    Is there any problem with the uikit 3 upload ?
    @mixahlos What is your upload limit on the server? Maybe you have to set that to a higher value.
    Mike Economou
    @aarongerig I know, It's 8. But I will not be able to know that if the script is on another server.
    I cannot find a way to catch this and handle it before send the request in order the user to get the proper message ?
    Mike Economou
    Well about the uilit.upload(), so many details missing for documentation.
    I have come to a situation that if the file is bigger than the php max_upload then the $_FILES in php is empty. There is no way to process this. Has anyone a working example on validating the size.
    Like maxSize I have the same problem with the allow or mime.
    If the uploaded files is larger or not in the allow list etc, the $_FILES in php is empty.
    So I guess there must be a way to check this in the JS uikit.upload() but it's not documented at all.
    Thank you

    @mixahlos -->

    @/all 📢 Gitter chat for UIkit is moving to Discord
    We have finally decided to leave Gitter. We were looking for a better and more sophisticated chat service for a while now, and Discord looks like the best choice. Many Open Source project like Vue.js, React and Laravel have left Slack and Gitter in favor of Discord. So, please join the new Discord server for UIkit. Here is the official invite link. See you there 🥳🎉 https://discord.gg/NEt4Pv7

    Mike Economou
    @aarongerig Thanx
    Georg Kettele
    Strange uk-slider question. I have a mobile menu for until @m and I am using little pills as buttons and sometimes the slider is infinite and sometimes not
    Here is the example where it doesnt work http://mvg.un-ev.com/kuenstler/bernhard-gobiet/
    Here it is perfectly working -> http://mvg.un-ev.com/kunstler/
    Thankful for any help
    @pixelcrash have a look above. 👆🏻
    Georg Kettele
    @aaron do you mean the switch to Discord or is there a solution? How can I search in here? thx
    @pixelcrash Yes, switch to Discord.
    Ramil Belevtsov
    @Ramil001 have a look above. 👆🏻
    Hi, I need to use Multiple Filters as in the uikit documentation:
    I tried to create hierarchical categories, but if I use them as filters, the hierarchy is not accepted and all categories become on the same level.
    For example, if I have the categories "Country", and as subcategories "City", and as articles I have "Colosseum" (Italy, Rome), "Duomo" (Italy, Milan) and "Museum" (Germany, Berlin), well: all these categories lose the hierarchy. instead it is possible to get something like Multiple Filters ?
    Thank you
    @nofcfro have a look above. 👆🏻
    hi! Nice

    Guys, please, how can I create a filter with Uikit that filters multiple items at the same time, without excluding the other.
    I mean, I'm creating a list of games and I need that when someone selects PS4 and then ADVENTURE, I want the PS4 filter to continue while now only the PS4 adventure games appear.

    Could help? thanks

    Excuse me. I'm new to uikit and might use it in my next project. What exactly is uikit's strengths and weaknesses?
    nischal kumar
    how do i build website tour guide usinguikit
    *using ui kit
    please help me out with open source examples/tutorials or steps to do so
    RUMAD Entertainment
    Hey guys Im using uk-nabar-flip and it is NOT flipping
    @RUMAD_Ent_twitter have a look above. 👆🏻
    RUMAD Entertainment
    @aarongerig No one is answering me bro
    Georg Kettele
    Hi any idea what could be wrong with the masonry grid here?
    @pixelcrash have a look above. 👆🏻
    Hey I would like the accordion to open and close itself and then the next tab should open. I use UiKit and for this function you need UIkit.accordion(element).toggle(index, animate); . But I don't get that right. :) Could someone help me?
    @steffen1337 have a look above. 👆🏻
    Mike Economou
    Hi guys, I am trying to trigger animations in JQuery function.
    I need to show and hide element with animation. Using classes .addClass() - .removeClass(), is an option and works one way but when I add theuk-animation-reverse` is not working.
    I was wandering if there is any other way to trigger animations in JQuery ?
    Christoffer Bubach
    Not sure I understand completely what you mean, but could it perhaps be that you're looking for the old classic wrapper-method "debounce"..? Something I have had to use countless times to make sure the events/transitions don't just pile up until things go to shit. :)
    Hi, is select multiple is existing in uikit?
    like select2 in bootstrap?
    Ilya A. Zhulin
    Hi to all! Uikit2 question! I need to reinit Slideshow with another parameters. Do somebody knows how to destroy existing Slideshow or reinit it ?
    Hello everyone! I am using uikit countdown on my website, it works just fine in webview, but on mobile its expired date.. how to fixed that?
    Hello, I have a strange problem

    I have this page where all work.

    but if I add the li(s) into the uk-accordion the js player stop working properly
    I dont understand why accordion influence/break my js.code and how I can fix it.
    (basically just <ul uk-accordion></ul> break.my js.)

    Any help.will be greatly appreciated

    Reuk Bundara
    Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 4.57.55 PM.png
    I have issues with TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'parentNode')
    how to resolve this issue if have anyone know this issues please help me reply to me thank.
    Mutlu Çıbık
    Hey there
    When does fire component's init() function on v2?
    Is there a beautified component library for uikit? I don't want to write it myself or use its own style.