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Apr 2015
Apr 02 2015 01:38
I think you should put the play 10 moves before expanding on CGOS and see how it goes
the one move version seems to be stronger tactically on 9x9, but makes strategically bad moves
not sure what will happen vs. other bots because playing against itself it seems strong tactics win more often than not, but against gnugo better strategy is important
Apr 02 2015 05:08
actually I played 10 games and it was 5 to 5, I'm interested in playing 10 moves is stronger or not
Urban Hafner
Apr 02 2015 05:36
I'll see if I can find the time to merge those two pull requests and put the new version on CGOS. But I doubt we'll see a significant rating difference. There are just not enough bots at our strength. We either win or loose all games right now.
Apr 02 2015 05:39
we're having some good games against Aya1PO6
we strictly dominate MyCTest 40k because we search about 200k
actually I'd need to check the exact numbers
but the idea is we use the same algorithm but search deeper
Apr 02 2015 08:54
I submitted a pull request that reduces warnings and improves performance by 3%