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Oct 2015
Oct 02 2015 11:32
Is the 3x3 pattern code actually beating the original version yet?
Urban Hafner
Oct 02 2015 11:35
I haven’t checked after my first round of performance optimizations. I’m currently working on speeding it up some more. But that will take a bit longer as I want to build a tree out of the patterns so that I don’t have to see if each pattern matches on each Coord (N x M) but instead just matching with the tree once for each coord.
Hopefully some time next week I’ll have a working implementation and then I’ll see if that even speeds up the matching. ;)
Urban Hafner
Oct 02 2015 12:37
If nothing else it will have been a fun experiment. Although the way I envision the new pattern matching ... It won't depend on the number of patterns so I'll probably have a look at the external large pattern file mentioned in the Michi code next.