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Jun 2015
John Ericson
Jun 16 2015 06:40
Alright, thanks!
Steven Shaw
Jun 16 2015 19:31
@NightRa the Nix folks are reviving the cygwin port but it's only a recent effort
@NightRa I recommend NixOS in a VM
Hardy Jones
Jun 16 2015 19:38
So I just built and can run the editor, but i'm not sure how to enter values.
Paul Chiusano
Jun 16 2015 19:55
@joneshf check out the README, there are some minimal instructions for using the editor -
right before 'A brief code tour' section
Hardy Jones
Jun 16 2015 19:57
Oh, I get it now, the expression editor is just the _ stuff, and the explorer is the dropdown.
I thought they were one and the same
The instructions make more sense now :)
Paul Chiusano
Jun 16 2015 20:09
@joneshf cool :)
Ilan Godik
Jun 16 2015 22:12
@pchiusano I have some long-standing ideas about environment-free programming.
I'm going to sleep now, But I'd really like to share them with you (tomorrow), as I think these are interesting ideas for a pl, especially when they seem not practical mainly because the syntax would be hard and a ui-driven programming env. would make it nice and usable
Paul Chiusano
Jun 16 2015 23:32
@NightRa sure, i might be pretty busy tomorrow but i will read whatever you write to me if i can't reply