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Jun 2016
Tim McIver
Jun 05 2016 02:18
@pchiusano Do you have any unison work for a beginner/intermediate level Haskeller? I took a quick look at issues and it looks like #44 and #22 are being taken care of by @sfultong and @refried, respectively. I could take a look at #39 if it's still an issue. I could also take a look at #24 but it may be a little over my head and it looks like @sfultong called dibs on it first. Let me know.
Jun 05 2016 02:55
I haven't started #24 yet, @tmciver, so you could take it if you wanted
Tim McIver
Jun 05 2016 03:17
@sfultong OK, I can start thinking about that one. I'll surely be eliciting advice from you (if you already have thoughts about it) and @pchiusano when I have questions. Thanks.
Arya Irani
Jun 05 2016 19:13
@pchiusano I think we want to grow something like this instead of just winging it
wrt fancier bindings, function application, etc; i will probably steal from here what i haven't already reinvented