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Mar 2017
Steven Kane
Mar 16 2017 04:37
hmm, i'm kind of confused when it comes to the purported benefits of Unison. I understand the benefits of Unison, if your entire project is in Unison. You get type checking across your entire distributed code base, and you get awesome serialization/deserialization for free. But what happens when for performance or other reasons you can't do your entire project in Unison? The Unison language itself is going to undoubtedly have tradeoffs between expressivity and performance. Just as an example, a portion of a project might have to be done in C++ for performance reasons. Now you are going to have to do serialization/deserialization between C++ and Unison. It appears the problem hasn't gone away.
Paul Chiusano
Mar 16 2017 13:42
@dissipate there are still benefits to using Unison if you have part of your project written in another language or whatever. The benefits just grow as you have more of your system written in Unison for the reasons you mentioned. It’s like: you don’t write your entire project in Fortran just because it needs to have access to one fortran linear algebra library. You write a binding to that fortran library in our high-level language of choice, the binding is maybe somewhat annoying to write, but once that’s done, you realize plenty of benefits elsewhere by not having all your program written in fortran
Chris Gibbs
Mar 16 2017 15:00
I guess you might still want in the fullness of time to have tech to make it easier to interface with external code though - eg autogenned/auto-derived protobuf/cap'n'proto/whatever bindings