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Hello, I would like to ask about moveP commands. Why is not implemented?
Anders Prier Lindvig
Hey @tuliopo
I completely forgot to check the chat. Sorry about that!
The moveP commands will be implemented soon, there is no specific reason, other than I have not gotten a request for them :)
Hi! Thanks a lot for the library. I have noticed that the 'jog' functions (jogStart, jogStop) are not available in the python api. Will they be added in the future?
Anders Prier Lindvig
@telejesus2 Yes there will be added ASAP, for some reason I do not receive notifications from the chat (I will look into that), hence my delayed answer.
Niko Bonomi

Hello there! Really a nice work with the library. We are mainly using the python wrappers for our implementations.

We are running into a problem, right now we are plotting the tcp forces against time to later have a clue of whats going on during a grinding step.
Randomly after the initialization of the rtde_receive interface we get "End of file" and thus a message that says "The robot closed the connection"

I saw that you already addressed such problem on an issue so maybe we have a throuble on our side.?
The script simply perform a getActualTCPForce() after a fixed amout of time, nothing fancy here
Niko Bonomi
Just for completness i'm on ubuntu 20.04 using the 1.4.7 version
Hi @prier_gitlab . Thank you so much for your work.
Just a noob's question - what is the added value of working with your library over the vanilla rtde-2.6.0-release.zip?
File "/home/m-halwani/tactile_sense/src/ros_robot/src/scripts/ur_rtde.py", line 5, in <module>
import rtde_control, rtde_receive, rtde_io
ImportError: No module named rtde_control
I'm getting this when running a python code using
using python 2.7.17
Anders Prier Lindvig
Hi @MohamadHalwani for Python 2, you have to manually compile ur_rtde with the options specified in the documentation, see the note under this section: https://sdurobotics.gitlab.io/ur_rtde/installation/installation.html#linux-ubuntu-and-macos