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Mar 2015
Mar 15 2015 02:07
(rjmackay) amnesic_away: Trying to fix the nodejs 0.12 builds here:
(rjmackay) looks like it was just an issue with gulp-sass/node-sass .. upgrading both seems enough to fix.
(rjmackay) amnesic: any chance you can grab the node-012 branch and test?
Mar 15 2015 19:37
(amnesic) rjmackay: Testing the branch node-012 is OK with nodejs v0.12.0 (tested under Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS)
Robbie Mackay
Mar 15 2015 21:03
amnesic: awesome thanks! It looks like the build is still failing though so I’ll have to dig around a bit more.