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Apr 2015
Apr 20 2015 00:25
[Robbie Mackay (Ushahidi)] Afternoon people. Jumping on for the afternoon now I'm home
Robbie Mackay
Apr 20 2015 00:32
.. and going to hang out on Gitter rather than hipchat today
Apr 20 2015 18:45
[Robbie Mackay (Ushahidi)] Morning all
Apr 20 2015 18:50
[Holly Corbett] yo
[Seth Hall (Ushahidi)] Hey Robbie
Apr 20 2015 18:58
[Robbie Mackay (Ushahidi)] (waves)
[Robbie Mackay (Ushahidi)] @HollyCorbettGuest2 Nice to have you in the chat :)
[Robbie Mackay (Ushahidi)] Have you tried out the gitter bridge yet? The gitter UI might be nicer to you as a guest.
[Holly Corbett] oooh no... will check it out :)
[Robbie Mackay (Ushahidi)] then you can use a native osx client (which is probably really a web view but still)
[Seth Hall (Ushahidi)] huddle today?