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May 2015
May 15 2015 04:06
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] Experimenting with It has native geojson support
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] Once I'm happy I'm going to ditch Google maps for Android
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] Phab's code review form has improved. Tells you how much code reviews I do or get :)
May 15 2015 05:19
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] sweet :)
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] do you diff through the UI without arc?
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] no, arc is my friend
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] kk
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] not sure how to do that via the UI
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] which code review form do you mean?
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] its clunky..
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Alright.. almost ready to close out D814 .. just need to figure out loading the marker cluster CSS
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] I meant, responding to comments on the diff
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] ah right.
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] Nice one
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] time to head out for dinner
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] so much branch switching today
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] apparently our map clustering has been broken for ages.. oops!
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] arrgghh
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] yea mapping code is kinda wacky. Need to rethink
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] bugs are so swift, they always find their way
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] yup
May 15 2015 07:01
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] Good morning good people!
May 15 2015 08:52

[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] Got GeoJSON to work with Mabox's Android SDK.

These guys removed zoom controls. Now I have to implement that myself (facepalm)

[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] mapbox/mapbox-android-sdk#359
May 15 2015 09:19
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] removed in favour of? just use pinch zoom?
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] pinch and zoom
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] it kinda makes sense but when testing with an emulator you wished you had it
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] and also the main reason it's easier to implement
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] which I agree, you just have to add buttons
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] and if you want it be nice, that is where the work comes in
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] styling
May 15 2015 13:57
[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] @Robbie if there are any UI gaps (log-in button, map clusters, etc) feel free to assign them to me as tasks and I'll design/code them