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May 2015
May 18 2015 01:44
[nigelb] Morning!
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] Hey Nigel
[nigelb] Hello Henry, You up late? Or incredibly early? :)
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] It's actually normal for me. I'm on JST
May 18 2015 01:49
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] I should be working (on duty) :)
[nigelb] Ahh. You and Robbie are the eastern brigade :D
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] Yup :)
May 18 2015 01:57
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] <- demo site for work on merging in the pattern library :)
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Looks nice.. but many links going nowhere still :)
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] winning
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] is kiiling firefox for me
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] ah :/
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] works for me.. but there are definitely some performance fails..
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Need to do some digging
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] I get the unresponsive script warning
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] when I got to the graph link
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] s/got/go
May 18 2015 02:04
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] ah yea. My graphs have issues.
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] I'm looping through time intervals to fill values.. and if you have a big range that take a long time.. (ie. 1970 -> 2015 in 1 week intervals)
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Not sure what the fix is without throwing that out entirely
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Might just need to max the step count and degrade the detail of the data as we show more data..
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] TBH I should probably just get @Vaibhav to rebuild all my graphs with less horrible code :)
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] heh
May 18 2015 02:23
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] ugh just realized we added languages and timezones to the builds so we could use them in the settings screens.. but they add 200-300kb to the build :(
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] might move those out to the API or something.
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] and slim down the format they're in
May 18 2015 06:10
[Vaibhav Bhawsar, Ushahidi] @Robbie will be happy to look into this at some point - is the performance really bad?
May 18 2015 07:57
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] @Vaibhav depends on the data.. but its reasonably likely to go bad. I was pretty blunt with my code..
Also its using nvd3 right now and I suspect we'd be better to just drop to pure d3 .. just didn't have time for that.
May 18 2015 09:36
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] @all I might be offline tomorrow morning and miss the huddle.
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Thinking I'll try to make it to the team hangouts tonight so 7am call isn't going to happen if I've been up at 2am already :)
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Added some agenda notes in the huddle doc already
[Vladimir Cvetić, Ushahidi] @Robbie I'm rebasing but have some conflicts in
[Vladimir Cvetić, Ushahidi] resolving and pushing clean diff
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] alright. Thanks
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] I'm heading offline so will review in the am
[Vladimir Cvetić, Ushahidi] sure
May 18 2015 16:24
[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] Hi Team. I need to miss the call today. This week I'm planning on taking any remaining or upcoming pattern library tasks so that Seth can focus on Ping. I just diffed a UI for the logged out state of the user admin, and am planning on doing T1496 & T1560 in the next day or so as well.
May 18 2015 18:36
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Thanks @sophie :)
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] So much for being offline this morning. Missed the team calls .. so up early this morning
May 18 2015 18:52
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] Awesome, thanks sophie!
May 18 2015 19:19
[Seth Hall, Ushahidi] sorry team, deep in PING PL code, lost track of time.
[Seth Hall, Ushahidi] if you need me ping me.