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Aug 2015
Aug 28 2015 00:20
[Zack Halloran, Ushahidi] @Robbie Do you want to have unique database users for each deployment database? If so, any need to provide more than CRUD permissions?
Aug 28 2015 02:00
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] @zack Ideally yes, though that means looking up database user and password for each request.. but we were already going to look up host anyway.
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] ^ @ZackHalloran
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] if we can run migrations with a different user, then yes we could keep just CRUD permission for each deployment user
Aug 28 2015 20:58
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] @all hey y'all. quiet day on the hipchats today! I'm
  • finishing talking points first draft, launch tasks are documented in team gantt and once I review with robbie tonight, I'll clean that up to ONLY include the tasks for Ushahidi launch and not the previous tasks for the self hosted launch
  • reviewing plans, timelines and tasks with user advocacy
  • scoping and timelining V2-->V3 upgrading
[Will, Ushahidi] Daily update:
-I'm working on the media upload to CDN
-Closing out old phab tasks