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Aug 2015
Aug 31 2015 07:20
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] is throwing server error, 500 for some reason
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] oh nooooo
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] @Jason @Will @Robbie ^^
Aug 31 2015 07:28
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] is back up
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] hmmm thanks for letting us know, henry
[Jason Mule, Ushahidi] @Jess could you check?
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] yeah i'm checking now
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] it's up for me
[Jason Mule, Ushahidi] for me as well. cool.
Aug 31 2015 07:39
[Henry Addo, Ushahidi] thanks @Jess and @Jason
Aug 31 2015 08:12
[Vaibhav Bhawsar, Ushahidi] @all i think its still down
[Vaibhav Bhawsar, Ushahidi] seeing this error in client console
[Vaibhav Bhawsar, Ushahidi] XMLHttpRequest cannot load No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 500.
Aug 31 2015 08:27
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] hrm. intermittent errors :/
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] I'll check the logs in a bit. Its possible we're hitting a quota or something.. its a small heroku box
[Vaibhav Bhawsar, Ushahidi] ah ok
[Vaibhav Bhawsar, Ushahidi] hmm its loading now
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] yea. Can't see anything in the last 500 lines of logs
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] but its noisy so hard to tell
[Vaibhav Bhawsar, Ushahidi] dang now its again returning 500s
Aug 31 2015 08:32
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] @Robbie @Jason can one of you grab download count from git for me?
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Vaibhav 500? or 503?
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] 503 is a heroku timeout
[Vaibhav Bhawsar, Ushahidi] its very intermittent. sometimes it loads data and sometimes it returns things like this
[Vaibhav Bhawsar, Ushahidi] XMLHttpRequest cannot load…rder=desc&orderby=created&status=all&timeline=1&timeline_attribute=created. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 500.
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] oh.. db fail:
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] "2015-08-31T08:33:15.122635+00:00 app[scheduler.1543]: "message": "User 'bfaea79851c655' has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value: 18000) [ SELECT `users`.* FROM `users` WHERE `users`.`id` IS NULL LIMIT 1 ]",
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] damn
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] I'll have to see if we can bump up the quota. Or find a new hosting solution for this. Heroku's expensive at scale
[Vaibhav Bhawsar, Ushahidi] ah so we're maxing out
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] yea
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] which given we make way too many API requests isn't surprising
[Vaibhav Bhawsar, Ushahidi] ya i noticed that and was wondering myself
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] FYI these sites are all under the heroku account.. if anyone needs to login and check logs, etc
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] ouch jump from $9/month to $50 / month for the next plan
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] shall I just bump it and figure out a cheaper option later? or leave it for now? thoughts?
Aug 31 2015 08:37
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] @jess ^
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] *hopefully* we're going to have more and more people testing on a demo in the weeks / days leading up to launch. We'll need a solution sooner rather than later that's cost effective for us. We will need it by next week. Is the next plan up ($50) enough to handle a jump in people testing on the site?
Aug 31 2015 08:43
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Not sure. We shouldnt be testing on heroku at all for cloud though..
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Zack is building servers for hosting cloud builds soon.
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] meaning testing for cloud itself? or allowing people a place to take it for a spin?
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] i think they are two separate things
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Testing for cloud itself.
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] ah ok -- yup i'm talking about a demo for the whole world to use if they like
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] I see your point. Still need a good demo site anyway. We might need a better plan for the demo data before launch too..
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Let me think about how to do this properly tomorrow.
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] alright yeah, i'd say don't pull a trigger yet on bumping up heroku
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Need to be able to automate deploys still.. Which is why heroku was a good start
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] yeah for sure
[Jason Mule, Ushahidi] @Robbie, is there a handy curl request for download counts somewhere? :-)
Aug 31 2015 08:48
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Github releases api
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] No auth needed.. But im on a tablet so nothing handy
[Jason Mule, Ushahidi] cool.
Aug 31 2015 09:15
[Jason Mule, Ushahidi] @Jess, one sec, almost forgot!
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] haha no worries
Stephen Matthew
Aug 31 2015 13:06
Hi everyone. First post here. Just familiarising myself with the platform. Hoping to contribute to the codebase in the near future. One question, i've been getting a 502 when accessing over the last few days. Is this a known issue?
Aug 31 2015 13:08
[Brian Herbert, Ushahidi] Hi there, give it a minute, I just restarted our wiki server
[Brian Herbert, Ushahidi] Should be working now
Stephen Matthew
Aug 31 2015 13:18
Great. Many thanks for the quick response!
Aug 31 2015 13:24
[Brian Herbert, Ushahidi] no problem!
Aug 31 2015 17:32
[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] @here Looks like we have two v3 huddles on the calendar for today - which one is corrent?
[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] or correct
[Brandon Rosage, Ushahidi] My understanding is that you attend the one that best fits your schedule. So I removed the one that's in the middle of my evening.
[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] will there be a point person (like @jess) who attends all of them? Seems like a lot could get lost
Aug 31 2015 17:58

[Will, Ushahidi] @here I thought based on the email Robbie sent that the huddles were going to alternate but maybe I misread
Hey Team!

You probably all have inboxes full of google calendar invites. We're shifting the platform team huddle to an alternating schedule, hopefully this is a bit better for our very spread out timezones.
The new times alternate between 10pm Kenya time (the original time) and 6.30am Kenya time (just before the all hands call).
This weeks call is 6.30am Kenya time

If one of these times is way too early/late for you: skip it and post an update in Hipchat.

Robbie Mackay

[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] ^ makes sense to me. I think it'd just a calendar mixup for today. I'm assuming the v3 huddle today is the one right before the team call
Aug 31 2015 18:19
[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] I'm getting this message quite a bit in the demo, any ideas?
[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] File uploaded
[Will, Ushahidi] are there any errors in the js console? or failed requests in the network tab of the dev tools?
[Will, Ushahidi] It might be related, to the issues that were occurring earlier with the heroku demo limits
[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] trying to recreate now that I've restarted! it was happening a lot this morning with no pattern - sometimes when trying to add a post, sometimes when looking at collection
Aug 31 2015 18:25
[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Unavailable) XMLHttpRequest cannot load No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 503.
[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] that's the console error
Aug 31 2015 18:44
[Will, Ushahidi] @sophie I think that is similar to the errors people were seeing earlier today with the demo - I think it was tied to heroku limits but there isn't a fix yet, as far as I know, @Jess might know?
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] interesting... there's not fix as of yet. @Robbie was looking into it and we think it's the fact that we're hitting our limits on DB. trying to decide what to do abou tit
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] about it*
Aug 31 2015 19:09
[Brandon Rosage, Ushahidi] anyone huddling this afternoon? Zack and I are chilling.
[Sophie Shepherd, Ushahidi] Today's huddle is at 10:30 (for us austinites) per robbie's email -
[Nathaniel Manning, Ushahidi] happy to jump in, i am just chilling :)
Aug 31 2015 19:20
[Brandon Rosage, Ushahidi] I guess I misunderstood the email. Zack and I just peaced out.
Aug 31 2015 19:31
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] @sophie @will the demo site is breaking because we're hitting our quota on the DB.. need to either pay lots more or move the site
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] I'm going to look at other hosting options today..
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] also Morning all :)
[Jason Mule, Ushahidi] Good morning!
Aug 31 2015 22:37
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] Alright. Migrating cloud tasks from Phab into github since we were starting to do that already for ansible tasks cc @Jess @ZackHalloran
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] sorry about the spam folks
Aug 31 2015 22:48
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] FYI added a 'in review' column here:
.. which is where PRs land so it doubles as a code review queue
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] @will @Jason I notice a few PRs have been hanging around a while. I think I've given feedback on them.. are you still waiting on me?
Aug 31 2015 23:14
[Will, Ushahidi] @Robbie hmmm, I didn't get a notification for the PR comments you added. I'll pull them through now. I wonder why it didn't tell me you commented :(
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] damn. Make sure you're subscribed to the platform repos?
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] and maybe check what email you have configured for github?
[Will, Ushahidi] I'm pretty sure i am, but I'll double check
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] I have github email everything to but publish my personal email..
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] I think
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] .. their email permissions are complex
[Will, Ushahidi] everything for github comes to my personal but nothing for the PRs, everything for issue updates...I'll poke around it now
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] well that explains the silence on those issues at least
Aug 31 2015 23:20
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] I think we should all expect PR responses within 24 hours.. if you don't get them bug whoever you want feedback from. And in return respond to other peoples PRs quickly.
Aug 31 2015 23:29
[Will, Ushahidi] groovy will do!