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Feb 2016
Feb 16 2016 18:45
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] ay yo team, huddle in here:

[Link, Ushahidi]

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[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] @all ^^^
Feb 16 2016 18:54
[Seth Hall, Ushahidi] crashing
[Seth Hall, Ushahidi] thanks Jess, will be looking out for the github issue
Feb 16 2016 19:01
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] dang. hangouts is terrible lately
[Linda Kamau, Ushahidi] just hangs? Out there?
[Linda Kamau, Ushahidi] ok, let me sleep
[Seth Hall, Ushahidi] "lately" meaning "since the beginning"?
[David Losada, Ushahidi] it looks like something somewhere doesn't allow the PUT method, maybe something in the setup (nginx?)
[Will, Ushahidi] which user are using?
[David Losada, Ushahidi] administrator
[Will, Ushahidi] could you add an issue here:
and I'll take a look

[Link, Ushahidi]


platform-client - Ushahidi Platform Client

[David Losada, Ushahidi] sure.. although I believe it's probably something in the setup, not in the code per se
[Will, Ushahidi] hmmm that is odd, the publish is working for already created posts. I'll take look, thanks!
Feb 16 2016 20:02
[David Losada, Ushahidi] np!
[David Losada, Ushahidi] going ahead with posting after setting up the visibility works anyway
[Will, Ushahidi] awesome
Feb 16 2016 20:17
[David Losada, Ushahidi] ushahidi/platform-client#83

[Link, Ushahidi]


As user admin, on QA site, when changing the value of the drop down "Who can see this" The request that fails (in cURL format): curl '