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Mar 2016
Mar 18 2016 16:02
[David Braun, Ushahidi] Hello. Myself and a programmer (Mary) have tried to download Ushahidi v.3 code but can't install whole package. We are running on Centos/ Apache. Suggestions...
Mar 18 2016 19:36
[David Braun, Ushahidi] Anyone out there to answer a tech question?
[Will, Ushahidi] hi there, yep
[Will, Ushahidi] go ahead
[Will, Ushahidi] I see you are having an issue and I believe Mary was speaking to my colleague Jason yesterday
[Will, Ushahidi] is the issue still with the gulp build?
[Will, Ushahidi] @DavidBraunGuest ^^
[David Braun, Ushahidi] Yes. That was the issue. Well, if Jason's been helping, I may not need to ask. She was having issues with installing whole package.
[David Braun, Ushahidi] All the admin access did not install...
[Will, Ushahidi] Ok, can you walk me through your setup and where you got to?
are you guys following this guide:
[David Braun, Ushahidi] We were thinking of switching to Ubuntu OS
[Will, Ushahidi] We use ubuntu for our vagrant setup actually, it might be practical
[Will, Ushahidi] I haven't personally run our platform on centOS but it should run on any nix system
Mar 18 2016 19:41
[David Braun, Ushahidi] Yeah. We were trying Centos... but not as familiar with Ubuntu... Mary is better acquainted with it.
[Will, Ushahidi] cool, well we have a couple of setup strategies
[Will, Ushahidi] if there is a particular step that the isn't working please let me know and we'll be glad to help
[David Braun, Ushahidi] Ok... I'll try those out... thanx
[Will, Ushahidi] no problem