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Apr 2016
Apr 25 2016 17:28
[Mariah, Ushahidi] Hello guys
[Mariah, Ushahidi] @Will we switched to Twilio
[Mariah, Ushahidi] and did the command
[Mariah, Ushahidi] but it's not pulling any data
[Will, Ushahidi] hi @MariahGuest4, ok can you walk me through your setup?
[Mariah, Ushahidi] I'm on the platform root directory
Apr 25 2016 17:34
[Will, Ushahidi] cool
[Mariah, Ushahidi] then I do this command: bin/ushahidi dataprovider
[Mariah, Ushahidi] also bin/ushahidi dataprovider incoming
[Mariah, Ushahidi] We just tested today
[Will, Ushahidi] ok, are you getting errors?
[Mariah, Ushahidi] @DavidGuest just sent an SMS but we didn't get anything
[Mariah, Ushahidi] no we're not getting any
[Mariah, Ushahidi] Provider Total
Email 0
Twilio 0
Nexmo 0
Twitter 0
[Mariah, Ushahidi] Name Version Capabilities
Email 0.1 email
Twilio 0.1 sms, ivr
Nexmo 0.1 sms
Twitter 0.1 twitter
Apr 25 2016 17:39
[Will, Ushahidi] ok let me see if I can get a version setup here
[Mariah, Ushahidi] what shall we do?
[Will, Ushahidi] Ok, let's walk through the setup together
[Will, Ushahidi] I'm sure you've already done this but I just want to double check it - if that's ok with you
[Will, Ushahidi] so first you grabbed the api cedentials from Twilio yep?
[Will, Ushahidi] Which is the AccountSID and the Auth token
[Mariah, Ushahidi] yep already done with that
[Will, Ushahidi] Then you entered the
Account SID
Auth Token
SMS Auto response on platform?
[Will, Ushahidi] alright groovy
[Mariah, Ushahidi] yep
Apr 25 2016 17:45
[Will, Ushahidi] ok, I'm going to pull a version of our system and try it with our test number - gimme 10 mins and I'll be back
[Mariah, Ushahidi] okay thanks
Apr 25 2016 17:53
[Will, Ushahidi] @MariahGuest4 quick question, do you have two factor auth enabled for twilio?
[Mariah, Ushahidi] nope
[Will, Ushahidi] ok cool
[Will, Ushahidi] @MariahGuest4 second question, in the twilio dashboard you can see the message arriving from @DavidGuest ?
[Mariah, Ushahidi] Im going in first
Apr 25 2016 18:00
[Will, Ushahidi] what is the format of the From number does it include the country code and/or ( )
[Mariah, Ushahidi] it does include
[Will, Ushahidi] ok @MariahGuest4 my local test is not working either, I will have to debug it. I'm not sure how long that will take but I'll update you when I work out what the issue is.
Apr 25 2016 18:06
[Mariah, Ushahidi] I can see msgs on dashboard from David
[Mariah, Ushahidi] @Will okay thanks
[Mariah, Ushahidi] I really appreciate your help
[Will, Ushahidi] no problem
Apr 25 2016 18:11
[Mariah, Ushahidi] @Will thanks for your help. I will go to bed now. @DavidGuest will keep me posted about your updates.
[Will, Ushahidi] ok
Apr 25 2016 18:54

[Will, Ushahidi] @DavidGuest Hi David, for Twilio support the platform requires that it be configured as a callback url for Twilio. To do this you need to tell Twilio to direct its inbound messages to the platform, the url to point the messages at is:


Apr 25 2016 19:05
[David, Ushahidi] Thanks a lot Will. I will pass this on to Mariah. Really appreciate your help! +1