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May 2016
May 16 2016 06:04
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] Hi David. Media uploads is on our roadmap for integration into v3 in an upcoming release.
May 16 2016 12:50
[David, Ushahidi] Hi Ush. Can you help my programmer, Mary with API list for v.3? Jason posted awhile back "@Mariah You probably missed my last chat message. Copying and pasting here for starters: "You need oauth tokens to make API requests. You could take a peek at how this is done in the client by looking at app/common/configs/authentication-interceptor.js. Please let me know if you need clarification on anything specific. I am sorry that we don't have API docs at the moment." We need API's for: (1) Register
(2) Login; (3) Get all posts; (4) Post a report; (5) Get All Post types; (6) Get All Post Categories (7) Get Notifications (How you get notifications & What you get notified about) (8) Get Maps (posts) (9) Get User Info (10) Update Password (11) Save User Info Changes (12) Get End-user Licence Agreement (EULA) (13) Is there anything for video/ photo uploads?
[David, Ushahidi] Finally, any idea how to get the oAuth tokens?
[David, Ushahidi] Really appreciate someone's help with this... Mary's email address is:
[Linda Kamau, Ushahidi] David, can you get Mary on to this channel, it might be easier for her
[David, Ushahidi] I'll see what I can do... she's different time zone.
[David, Ushahidi] sorry her name is Mariah...
[Linda Kamau, Ushahidi] I think I have seen that name on the channel
[Linda Kamau, Ushahidi] we also have devs on other timezones too
[Linda Kamau, Ushahidi] so she can log on and ask questions
May 16 2016 12:55
[David, Ushahidi] According to her, dev's available at her time zone are too late in the night so she asked me to source answers or at least get questions out there with her email address...
[Linda Kamau, Ushahidi] ok, I think the best thing will be to try schedule a one on one with a dev on the timezone that works for both sides
[Linda Kamau, Ushahidi] @angela mind helping get this sorted
[David, Ushahidi] Ok... Mariah is Philippine time zone.
[David, Ushahidi] btw--thanks Ush for the help. =)
May 16 2016 13:03
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] Thanks for flagging this for me @lindakamau. Hey David, I'll check in with the dev team on scheduling some time for a one on one with Mariah to help with her questions
[Jason Mule, Ushahidi] @David Could you also ask Mariah to look at the platform client code? The client already makes most of of those API calls.
May 16 2016 13:27
[David, Ushahidi] Thanks... will pass this on to Mariah. Thanks again.