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Sep 2016
Sep 02 2016 16:26
[Mariah, Ushahidi] Hello @ushbot I need your help
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] Hello
Sep 02 2016 16:48
[Mariah, Ushahidi] @ushbot how to update the new platform theme?
Sep 02 2016 18:48
[Mariah, Ushahidi] @here ?
Sep 02 2016 18:59
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] hello mariah how can we help?
[Mariah, Ushahidi] @ushbot how to update the new platform theme?
[Mariah, Ushahidi] the new look and feel
Sep 02 2016 19:17
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] are you using the open source version?
[Mariah, Ushahidi] Yes I am
Sep 02 2016 19:22
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] ok, how did you perform your install?
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] are you using git?
[Mariah, Ushahidi] Yes
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] ok then if you update to the latest master for both platform and platform-client you should have the new styles
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] how have you deployed the system?
[Mariah, Ushahidi] how do I update it?
[Mariah, Ushahidi] Hmm I deployed the system in our own vps
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] how are you running the client currently?
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] which of these installs are you using:
Sep 02 2016 19:27
[Mariah, Ushahidi]
[Mariah, Ushahidi] installing on linux

[Link, Ushahidi]


Ushahidi can be installed on several operating systems. We have different instructions depending on what type of user you are:

[Will Doran, Ushahidi] ok cool
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] ok in the root dir for the api
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] do git status
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] and tell me what branch you are on
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] you will need to do git pull in both the api and clietn root dirs
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] then run npm install in the client root dir
[Mariah, Ushahidi] hold on
[Mariah, Ushahidi] I don't have connection to the server right now
[Mariah, Ushahidi] our PO changed the password
[Mariah, Ushahidi] but you can give me the instructions
Sep 02 2016 19:35
[Mariah, Ushahidi] @here
Sep 02 2016 19:43
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] well the above would be the instructions
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] go to the root dir for the api,
run git status to check you are on the master branch
run git pull
goto the root dir for the client
run git status to check you are on master branch
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] run git pull
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] run npm install
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] thought it might be better to come to this channel while you have access
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] in case there is an issue
[Mariah, Ushahidi] and then?
Sep 02 2016 19:48
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] that’s it
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] it will then be up to date
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] I would really recommend doing the upgrade while you have access to this channel in case something breaks
Sep 02 2016 20:25
[Mariah, Ushahidi] how to upgrade by the way? @ushbot