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Sep 2016
Sep 24 2016 11:23
[saheleasy, Ushahidi] hello again
[saheleasy, Ushahidi] i did the steps & its work as i saw its show preloading yellow icons then it shows error , i ask for free lancer developer & he make it worse :( ,,, can i give you my cpanel login details and you do it for me ?
Sep 24 2016 12:22
[saheleasy, Ushahidi] he said that i have to buy another server beside my shared hosting ?? is it right ?? can i install ushahidi v3 in my host blue shared hosting using cpanel , without buying any other server ?
Sep 24 2016 15:57
[saheleasy, Ushahidi] this info for my server :
[saheleasy, Ushahidi]

[Link, Ushahidi]


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