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Sep 2016
Sep 26 2016 10:43
[Rj Quirit, Ushahidi] Greetings everyone!
[Rj Quirit, Ushahidi] this is regarding the ushahidi web platform
[Rj Quirit, Ushahidi] I would like to ask how the password is encrypted
[Rj Quirit, Ushahidi] my employer Mr. David Braun, owner of told me to create a mobile platform

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[Rj Quirit, Ushahidi] in the mobile platform, during signup, I encrypted the password using MD5 php function..
[Rj Quirit, Ushahidi] unfortunately, the registered user cannot login because of the password encryption.
Sep 26 2016 10:54
[Rj Quirit, Ushahidi] I would like to ask how the password encryption is done in ushahidi web platform to match in my mobile. Thank you very much
Sep 26 2016 19:01
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] @rj we don't encrypt the password till it gets to the API. We rely on SSL/HTTPS to encrypt communications with the api. When you authenticate with the API it returns a token we use for all requests after that