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Sep 2016
Danny Lin
Sep 30 2016 01:41 UTC
Hi! I try to setup a develop branch ushahidi on ubuntu server (with two domain name(front and backend) point to one static IP)
now I can connect to backend API's test page (platformurl/httpdocs) , and all endpoints seems works great. However, I cannot connect any API (platformurl/api/v3/...)
is there any configuration I need to do? thanks
Danny Lin
Sep 30 2016 02:39 UTC
"The requested URL /api/v3 was not found on this server."
Sep 30 2016 02:54 UTC
[Jess Shorland, Ushahidi] hi @yuchenglin — one of our developers will get back to ASAP, but due to time zones I think they’re all asleep right now :) Someone will respond in a few hours
Danny Lin
Sep 30 2016 02:56 UTC
I see! Thanks a lot😄