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Oct 2016
Oct 29 2016 15:18
Hi there, I have a question. I would like to use the ushahidi database to use the data collected with ushahidi in another website. I would also like to provide some kind of interaction between my deployment and the website. Currently I have an Heroku deployment, but I would need to access the database and use the APIs. Would you mind suggesting me what could be the best set-up option? Should I use the Zipped release Bundle, Install in prduction in Linux or in a development set-up? I currently have a PC with windows 7 and a Macbook Air. I am confortable with XAMPP and would prefer to use XAMPP on Windows. Though I see that in your support section Linux is the option suggested. I also tried to install the Zipped release bundle in XAMPP but I am facing issues. Would it be ok to run Ubuntu in a Virtual Box VM then? I cannot make a dual boot on my PC, but I could do it on my Mac.
thank you very much for your time! :smile: