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Nov 2016
Nov 10 2016 07:00
i need help
i am installing ushahidi and after running bin/update command i am getting this error
There was a problem connecting to the database: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Acce
ss denied for user 'ushahidi_user'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
Nov 10 2016 09:47
[David Losada, Ushahidi] theniq, you should check the contents of that file. If there’s no “AllowOverride All” set in there , you should add it and restart apache
[David Losada, Ushahidi] tameen, are you following the instructions at ?
Fragile masculinity
Nov 10 2016 19:00
Hi guys
Followed instructions on how to set up on Ubuntu and even referenced the video (good job) just abit confused on the very last part of creating hosts. I'm a newbie so I'm not sure if it's done for both the platforms platform-client
Nov 10 2016 19:43
@d_samuraiNick_twitter which video are you talking about? can yu share the link? thanks