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Jan 2017
Jan 08 2017 22:47
As many users can work on the same ushahidi deployment, is there a way to check if two different operators mapped the same piece of information? Or, when I add a new point, is there some check on similar points in terms of contained information / location?
Jan 08 2017 22:54
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] @Nesp we don't have anything that check for similar posts when you submit.

[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] > is it possible to connect a Ushahidi deployment (on my own remote server) to twitter even though it is still limited to the local network only?

@Nesp I think so. The deployment needs access to the internet so it can connect to twitter, but I don't think twitter needs to be able to access your local deployment.