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Jan 2017
Jan 20 2017 08:49 UTC
hi i had a lot of problem and i don't know how to resolve them problems like null pointer exception of prefsFactory()
i need help please herlp me
Kyoungrok Jang
Jan 20 2017 15:55 UTC
I'm trying to create Form and add Posts using v3 REST api. But having trouble since the API documentation is out-dated.
I even tried to figure out the protocols using devtool while using Web UI and wow... the data exchange protocol is extremely complicated. When generating new Form three consecutive requests with seemingly duplicated objects are made. Seems quite hard and tedious to simulate.
Is there JSON specification document I can refer to? Or I have to manually insert hundreds reports through web ui.
Kyoungrok Jang
Jan 20 2017 16:02 UTC
My language is python.