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Jan 2017
Xheni Beqiri
Jan 27 2017 12:25
Hello everyone. Now I'm installing Ushahidi in a server. Do you have any guide with linux commands to install Ushahidi cuz I'm a beginner and I'm not sure how to do this installation. (I don't even want to conflict other databases on that server)
Jan 27 2017 14:23
[Chris Mukuria, Ushahidi] Hey Xheni, try using these instructions
Xheni Beqiri
Jan 27 2017 14:27
yeah I've seen those, I don't know how to use linux commands :) I guess I'll check some linux tutorials first
what about the size of the picture logo? What height and width should I apply to put there
cuz I've triend one but it isn't its size so any idea?