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Feb 2017
Feb 08 2017 05:49
@davidlosada @ushbot
First, the location problem is basically due to "https" certification. Some browsers such as Chrome only allow users to get there location information under "https". So, I think applying a "https" certification for my ushahidi website could let the location function work in most cases. However, in some situations, even I entered "", Chrome still showed me a error message "Geolocation error: Network location provider at '' : Returned error code 400..." I still don't know how to solve this error.
Second, the problem with saving settings. I got these error messages when I first enter my ushahidi website.
Screenshot from 2017-02-08 13-49-19.png
Screenshot from 2017-02-08 13-47-09.png
There is no error message showing up after I finish and save the settings.
Xheni Beqiri
Feb 08 2017 12:53
hello everybody,
any link for the translation of the site? I want it to be displayed in two languages, first in Albanian (default language) and then in English. I just downloaded the file in json of my translations from Transifex. Am I going to put that file anywhere in the client platform? and then gulp build the client? Or am I going to change sth in the .env file at the client platform?
Feb 08 2017 13:39
Hi @XheniBeqiri_twitter
Here is the official guideline for localization. You could just follow these steps.
Feb 08 2017 13:42
[David Losada, Ushahidi] Willis, those error messages must have been produced while you weren’t logged in. If you don’t have any more errors after trying to save the settings… well that’s weird. Is the API (platform) configured with a user that has read/write permissions on the database table?
Xheni Beqiri
Feb 08 2017 13:43
Thnx a lot @willis50317 :)
Feb 08 2017 13:47
@ushbot well... I don't know... Could you tell me how to check?
@XheniBeqiri_twitter It's my pleasure to help :smile: I did localization for my website few month ago. That should work!