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Apr 2017
Apr 23 2017 14:09 UTC
Success! I managed to set up a basic deployment from scratch, using the zipped bundle. Thanks for the suggestion David. I am creating a short guide of the steps I took, and would like to contribute this to the community, any recommendations on where to post it/ submit it? GitHub?
Apr 23 2017 22:36 UTC
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] @Tropicalrambler Thats great! if you log an issue via we can add that into the documentation.
Apr 23 2017 22:46 UTC
[alejood] Tropical rambler, I will like to follow your steps, since you seem to have a revised version. What distort are you using? I’m planning on installing first on a local drive (Ubuntu) and then move to a server.. if all works.. i have to understand first how docker works