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Jun 2017
Jun 06 2017 18:59
[salman ali] Good Day
I have studied your packages. I am very impressed. BUT i need some info regarding your services.
First, let me clear you what I need actually:
I have a social website in which people can post status, images, videos etc. Now I need people who don't have smart phones but they can still post status via sms. So people can write a message in a format like
" status category etc (whatever) " and send to my smssync number. So I will use smssync API and program it like the message my server receive; it will redirect and post status on my website.
My service is actually belonging in US but mostly our target is to hit services in Angola specifically and all over the world too.
Now questions are:
  1. The description I wrote above; are all that possible in smssync?
  2. I need people who send sms for posting, not charged for any of their sms. Those prices will be managed by my side means i will pay for that. Is it possible in smssync?
  3. How much charges will be applied per sms by myside from US or whole world for these services?
  4. My website server is microsoft (Azure), and my site is in php and database is mysql, so all these will be good for smssync?